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About Us

Over 10 years ago, Solutionreach became one of the first cloud-based companies and began a revolution in healthcare by combining innovation with patient communication.

We provided email and text based patient messaging – delivered through the cloud – as a subscription based service. Right from the beginning, we offered care providers the ability to enjoy high-tech tools without losing the high-touch personalization.

The motivation behind Solutionreach comes from our dedication to eliminating the communication gaps between healthcare providers and their patients. We believe that practitioners want to have engaged relationships with their patients, and we understand that time allows for very little of the interaction that is necessary to create those connections.

Our goal is to be the vessel along the care delivery stream, allowing providers to focus on their patients – even when they aren’t in the office.

The Solutionreach Timeline: Click here to take a look at the evolution of our technology, and the transformation of patient engagement!

Click Here to Read Our Timeline: The Evolution of Solutionreach

In the beginning, our innovative efforts to bridge that gap began with automated, electronic messaging to remind patients about their appointments. Since then, times, technologies, and opportunities have changed. So has Solutionreach.

Our service evolved from patient reminders to a full platform of robust and effective tools that engage and educate all along the care delivery stream – from prospects to loyal, happy, healthy patients.

At Solutionreach, we help healthcare providers build relationships with their patients. We believe that when patients have access to valuable information, seamless communication, and targeted education, they are actively engaged in their healthcare. When patients are engaged, outcomes are improved.

We are setting the standard for patient engagement.

Total Patient Engagement.

It’s what we stand for, what we offer, and who we are.

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