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September 16, 2014

Social Media – A Team Event not a “WHO” Event

Why one person can’t and shouldn’t do it all.

By: Misty Absher Clark

With social media on the rise, most people have come to accept that it is not going away.  It is here to stay!  You may have figured out (if not, now is a good time to do so) that social media is a GREAT way to build relationships with your patients and get your message out to a whole new group of potential patients.  The rewards will be greater patient retention, increased ROI on marketing efforts, and a better educated patient.

Social Media for your Practice Marketing

Knowing this, many practices have felt that the best way to keep up in this fast paced, ever changing world is to a) have one person WHO is SOLELY responsible for social media content, development and engagement OR b) to outsource it to another company.  The challenge with either of these solutions on their own leaves a social media strategy full of holes.

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September 12, 2014

What an Appointment Reminder Can Do For Your Patients

Appointment Reminders Don't Help You Feed Your Fish

An appointment reminder doesn’t really prevent them from locking their keys in the car.

You can’t automate patient reminders for leaving the stove on.

And appointment reminders don’t do much for helping them remember to feed the fish.

But at least they won’t forget another appointment.

Just think… as long as they can find their keys, they’ll even show up on time!


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September 8, 2014

The Most Legendary Doctors in Television History

From Doogie to McDreamy...which famous (fake) doc was your favorite?

Click to view the full-size graphic.

TV Legendary Doctors - Small

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September 8, 2014

Automated Tools for Managing Your Revenue

The Newest Additions to the Solutionreach Platform

You might want to sit down for this.

Over ½ of outstanding patient balances are never collected.

How much uncollected revenue are you still waiting on? 

The answer and solution to that question is now at your fingertips (you can stand up, now.) Solutionreach just got even better!  Now you can track it, and hack it!

Celebrate with us the addition of our NEW Automated Revenue Management tools! They have been carefully developed to empower you with the ability to automate digital billing reminders, simplify your collections, and increase your revenue.

It sounds too good to be true, but it’s a fact: Solutionreach is now going to help you eliminate missed payments.

Here’s another stat for you: as you have most likely experienced within your practice, about 30% of patients leave their provider’s office without paying anything—even the copay.

That is why we have created the Automated Revenue Management tools; we know that you need more effective (and more efficient) ways to make sure payments aren’t going left unpaid.

That’s not all, though. Significant improvements to your revenue aren’t the only benefits. You’ll also streamline your billing and payment processes, reduce billing costs, and increase patient satisfaction.

Email Patient Payment Reminders

Take a look at the powers of Automated Revenue Management from Solutionreach:

Automated payment-due messaging

Notify your patients about their outstanding balance with messages they won’t (or can’t) miss!

Automatic Email Payment Reminders
Just like the rest of our messaging, our email payment reminders are highly customizable. There are templates built into the platform, but feel free to create your own! Then, after setting your unique parameters (like what the minimum balance must be) you can choose when to send each template.

Automatic Mobile Notifications
Are you already connected to the PatientReach Mobile application? If not, get on it! It’s free for your patients, and connecting your practice to the app is included with your Solutionreach service.

Once patients have the app, you can automate payment-due notifications. It’s an excellent tool for reminding patients. Think about it—when is the last time you didn’t have your cell phone on you?

Mobile Patient Payments

Simplified Payment Collection

Email and mobile payment-due notifications don’t just remind patients, they can also make it easy for them to submit payments.

The messages encourage quick payment by linking to the patient portal, and/or directing them to the PatientReach Mobile app, where patients can view their statement and submit a payment just by taking a picture of their credit card!  (Didn’t we tell you it was amazing?)

The Long and Short of It

If you didn’t get it by reading the ‘long’, here is the ‘short:’

Automated Revenue Management from Solutionreach will reinvent your revenue.

Trust us. Better yet, see for yourself!

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August 25, 2014

SolutionRunning for Charity

2014 Charity Month: The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

We’re at it again.

Running, that is. September is our 2nd annual Charity Month! In addition to the running, we’ll also be putting on another rousing inter-office fundraising competition; the messier the better!

In 2013, Solutionaries banded together in month long fundraising events to support CURE Childhood Cancer. We donned bright green running shirts to participate in our “SolutionRun”. We also split into teams and held a 4 week “Coin Crusade,” that ended with a significant amount of donations by employees (along with a heaping helping of trash talk!)

With Solutionreach donating generously per mile, our total contribution to CURE was more than $23,000!

Check out the video from last year’s SolutionRun!

2014 Charity Recipient

This year, we are running and coin crusading in support of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS): the world’s largest voluntary health organization dedicated to achieving a world without blood cancers.

100% of the money that is raised will go to LLS. They use donations to support those that are suffering from blood cancer, and fund research to create and improve drugs that will cure them.

The SolutionRun

The SolutionRun this year will be happening on September 13 at 9:00 am (MST). Employees and their friends/family can choose from a half marathon, a 10K, a 5K, or open course participation. As they did last year, there will even be a kids’ Fun Run! Solutionreach donates generously per mile for the SolutionRun, so employees are gearing up and training hard!

The Coin Crusade

Of course, the coin war will start on September 1st and run through the month. We’ve already been divided into teams and (hopefully) started strategizing.

Here is how it works: each team deposits coins into their big water jug by the front desk. Those coins count positively toward the team’s final number. Here’s where it gets dirty: any cash that is deposited into a team’s jug counts against them. The trick comes in deciding whether to add change to your own jug, or sabotage other teams by putting cash into theirs!

2013 Coin Crusade: Solutionreach

Each team has their own Coin Jug for the competition.

Supporting LLS

Due largely to the efforts of LLS, we are closer than ever to finding cures for many types of blood cancers. For example, forty years ago, there was only a 3% change of surviving childhood leukemia. Today, 90% of children with leukemia live. We are proud and excited to be a part of such an incredible cause. If you are interested in joining us in our support of LLS, please email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) to get information about how to submit donations.

Ready, Set, Race!

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August 22, 2014

The CEO of Solutionreach Takes the Ice Bucket Challenge

Solutionaries support the fight against ALS

It isn’t every day that you get to be a part of a cause like this.

From children to the elderly, people all over the world are taking the Ice Bucket Challenge to support the fight against ALS.

Today, so did Solutionreach!

We watched with cameras and admiration as Jim Higgins (Founder & CEO of Solutionreach) and a few other Solutionaries willingly had bucketloads of ice dumped on their head to show their support.

Their challenge video is the best one we’ve seen, yet! After all, it isn’t every day you get to douse the boss with frigid water!


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August 22, 2014

Some Ideas for Celebrating National Tooth Fairy Day

Straight from the SR Tooth Fairy!

If you keep up with healthcare trivia, you already know that today is National Tooth Fairy Day.

Take it from SR Tooth Fairy Tom; it can be a great opportunity to focus on the importance of dental hygiene!

SR Tooth Fairy Tom

The day actually occurs twice a year, (February 28 and August 22,) so if it’s too late for you to plan festivities this time around, be sure to jot them into your February Activity Calendar!

Some ideas for celebrating National Tooth Fairy Day

  1. Tooth Fairy Pillow If you’ve ever played Tooth Fairy, you know how easily a small little tooth can get lost in the sleepy time shuffle (and tossing and turning.) A special pillow can sit on the nightstand or hang from a door handle to shelter the waiting tooth! Take your pick—there are plenty of ideas for making your own or buying a quick gift for your little toothless!

  2. A Toothy Craft: Tooth Bags! If you’re looking for a project that is more kid friendly than making a pillow, try a different alternative to ensuring the safekeeping of tiny teeth: a tooth bag! Use this idea, or create your own!

  3. A Healthy Tooth Movie Night That means replacing sugary sweets with enamel friendly treats, and ditching the stuck-in-your-gums popcorn with crunchy veggies! Need a good themed movie? Try Tooth Fairy or Rise of the Guardians! They both feature your favorite flying tooth collector, and have plenty chuckle worthy moments.

  4. Talk About Teeth: Read a Tooth Book There are a lot of options to choose from that will help little ones understand the importance of dental hygiene! You could go with “Just Going to the Dentist” by Mercer Meyer, or “The Berenstain Bears Visit the Dentist,” by Stan and Jan Berenstain.

There are plenty of ideas, so get creative! Print out coloring pages, ask little artists to draw a picture, or have them create receipts for the tooth fairy

Kickstart a lifetime of dental health by raising awareness in funny and silly ways.

Happy Tooth Fairy Day, from Solutionreach!

SR Tooth Fairy Tom 2
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August 20, 2014

The Missing Piece of Patient Relationship Management

The future of healthcare fits in your pocket.

Think about it.

Your patients have their phone attached to them all day. It sits on their nightstand (or under their pillow) all night.

They have apps that keep them connected to everyone, whenever they want and wherever they are. They use apps that update them on everything from sports stats to funny cat facts.

Yet, when they need to schedule a healthcare appointment, make a payment, or ask their care provider a question, they go back to the days of phone tag and voicemails.

If the purpose of technology is to make our lives more convenient…why is it still so hard to talk to your doctor?

It’s not, anymore. The future has arrived, and it’s changing the patient engagement game forever.

It’s called PatientReach Mobile; a (free) mobile application for patients from their healthcare provider. By tapping into the same technology that keeps people connected to each other, PatientReach will be able to keep your patients connected to you!

Patient Mobile App

Patient Reach Mobile isn’t just a run-of-the-mill smartphone app. Here are some of the features and benefits it brings to patient relationship management:

HIPAA Secure Text Messaging
The application allows practice staff and patients to exchange HIPAA secure messages, complete with file/image attachments. Like a patient portal, privacy regulations are upheld with the app’s messaging, but the difference comes in the ease of accessibility. 

It’s as easy for the patient as clicking into the application and reading or sending what appears to be a text message. The messages are easily received and responded to by practice staff.

Pre-procedure instructions. Follow-up outreach. Appointment rescheduling. Post-appointment Q&A. Friendly check-ins. If you can talk about it, you can text it.

Appointment Management
Patients can click into the appointment section of the application to view previous or upcoming appointments. This screen allows them to:

  • Confirm upcoming appointments (sent directly to you)
  • Set their own appointment reminders for upcoming visits
  • Add appointments to their eCalendar
  • Request a new appointment

Payment Collection
The payment features of the patient application have the most obvious impact on your revenue.

Patients receive a notification when they have an outstanding balance, and they can view their invoice and submit a mobile payment right from their phone.

What does this pre-perfected mobile patient app cost, you ask?

Well, see, here is the thing about Solutionreach:  everything is included. It started with appointment reminders and automated patient outreach, but new solutions are continually being added on to the patient engagement platform—and they’re all available for you to use.

It’s revolutionary healthcare. Call your Solutionreach representative to learn how to get your practice set up, and start engaging your patients anywhere they are.


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July 24, 2014

Internet Diagnoses: Where are your Patients Finding Answers?

5 Ways to be the Primary Source for Patient Education

It’s one of the things you most dread hearing from your patients’ mouths:

I already know what’s wrong with me. I Googled it..”

When patients start doing web searches to answer questions they have about their health, you just never know what they will come up with.

Online Patient Diagnosis

If YOU are the expert, ...why are they turning to the web to provide them with a diagnosis?

It isn’t that you don’t want to answer their questions, and it isn’t that your patients don’t want to get your advice.

Rather, it comes down to accessibility. The internet is at their fingertips all the time, while getting in to discuss it with you may require a game of phone tag or even a wait time of somewhere between a couple hours and two weeks.

What if they had reliable, easy to access patient education on topics that related to their health?

Improving your level of effective patient communication and the quality of the education you are providing is the answer. Here are a few ideas on ways to make it happen.

1. Start sending quality e-Newsletters.

Newsletters sent digitally have more than one benefit to patient communication and education.

  • It keeps you top of mind. Rather than defaulting to the internet, you’ll be the first resource they think of when they have questions.

  • It’s effective. Most of us check our email all day long. If the information you provide is relevant to them, they’ll read it!

  • It builds trust. The more they trust you, the less likely your patients are to believe something they find online without coming to you.

  • It offers a quick and easy way for your patients to communicate with you. It’s common to forget about tasks we need to get done until we’re lying in bed, and your patients that intend to call and request an appointment or ask a question are no exception.

    The ability to quickly respond to an email they receive from your office is a lot more likely to generate scheduled appointments.

  • 2. Proactively send educational content to targeted groups of patients.

    No matter how you choose to do it, you should really take steps to implement patient grouping so that you can target the content that you send in your newsletters to the patients who will benefit from it. 

    For example, you could create a group of female patients within a certain age group, or patients with children under a certain age. Once you have the patients grouped, you could create e-Newsletters with articles that address common issues for that age group (like questions and answers regarding Ovarian cancer detection or ideas for getting your children to brush their teeth for more than 10 seconds.) 

    Providing targeted information allows you to possibly side-step the need for patients to look up the addressed concerns elsewhere.

    Plus, you’ll establish yourself as the resource they trust the most. When they know you are willing to answer their questions, they are less likely to ask the internet at large, instead.

    3. Use a patient portal.

    For heaven’s sake, don’t make them call your office to ask a question. With a patient portal, they can send you secure messages just as quickly as they can look something up and get advice from an anonymous e-“expert”.

    You can also use the patient portal to house past newsletters and educational material, so your portal becomes a resource in and of itself.

    4. Offer point-of-care opportunities for education.

    You may not know what group(s) best fit each patient. While they wait, give them the opportunity to select from various education campaigns (that is, a series of newsletters you’ve created for certain groups or about a specific topic.)

    For example, if you have a digital check-in tool, use the ability to show them what their options are and sign up to receive the newsletters that pertain to their circumstances. If you aren’t using a digital check-in, consider including a document that lists options that they can select from. Your staff will have to manually opt patients in if you are doing it this way, but the benefit is still valuable to your patients.

    5. Ask them what they want to see!

    Even with targeted content to grouped patients, there is no way for you to know exactly what information your patients would like to be receiving from you. Use the automated surveys that (hopefully) go out after their appointment or send the occasional one-time patient questionnaire to ask them what information they would like to be getting from you.


    Eliminate the need for your patients to trust the internet. They’ll be healthier for it, and so will your patient loyalty!

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    July 16, 2014

    Increase Revenue and Decrease Overhead

    Fun, Sun, and Free Workshops!

    Going to the Bahamas this month? We are!

    IACA Bahamas 2014 Workshop

    The IACA (International Association of Comprehensive Aesthetics)  show is happening at the Atlantis Resort in Paradise Island Bahamas on July 24-27th, and we’ll be exhibiting at booth 22. 

    Solutionreach is included in the show’s impressive workshop lineup. Our course will teach attendees how to increase their revenue and reduce their overhead by utilizing technology to drive new and meaningful relationships.

    The fast-paced course will take you to advanced levels of practice marketing.

    Even if you’re already using Solutionreach, this workshop will expand your use and knowledge of advanced tools and features that will keep you on the leading edge –allowing you to convert everything you know about NMD into action! 

    Learning Objectives for the Workshop:

    • Maximize your use of technology to target market – sending the right message, to the right patients, at the right time.

    • Learn about new marketing campaigns and newsletters that will create more awareness, advance your patient education, and increase patient referrals.

    • Become an expert at using powerful SEO tools that can improve your “Webutation” and expand your reach through video testimonials and patient surveys.

    The workshop will be led by Joseph Stith,  an expert in adopting new technologies in dentistry.  He has been speaking and coaching dentists on success strategies for expanding their practice and improving their bottom line for over 25 years, and he was one of the first consultants to adopt Solutionreach when we launched in 2000 (then Smile Reminder.)  Joseph is now the Director of Business Development and Product Engagement at Solutionreach.

    While you’re at the show, don’t forget to stop by our booth (22)  and say hello! 

    New customers can take advantage of special show pricing, so head on over or send your friends to visit with Mary and get details.

    We hope to see you there!

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