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November 20, 2014

Grant Your Wishes ASAP

If you had 3 wishes for your practice, what would they be?

You can probably think of more than 3 things you wish you could change or improve about your practice, but—in case nothing comes immediately to mind—let us make a couple guesses:

Wish #1: Increase my revenue!

No hesitation on this one. Everyone wants mo’ money!

Sure, everyone would like to see an increase in revenue within their practice. But what does it take to achieve this goal? You got it: keeping your schedule full.

Having a full schedule is a good feeling. Unfortunately, life happens and last minute openings will occur. A patient’s memory may fail them, a family emergency may arise, or an appointment may just simply need to be rescheduled. There’s not much you can do about a no-show, but trying to fill a last minute cancellation can be just as stressful.

Stay tuned—we have a solution!

Wish #2: Save me time (and effort!)

How about filling those empty appointment slots, so you can stop wasting time (and losing revenue) on last minute cancellations…without having to frantically call every patient on your wait list?

You know the drill; a patient calls to cancel the day of their appointment, maybe less than an hour before they were scheduled. What do you do now? If you’re like many practices,  you grab your wait list, pick up the phone, and begin calling patient after patient until you (hopefully) fill the empty slot before that appointment time has passed. If the appointment is 30 minutes or an hour from now, you may need a little luck to fill it in time.

Keep reading—your wishes will soon be granted!


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November 10, 2014

Technology in Healthcare: Increasing the Capacity to Treat More Patients

Our 2nd Runner Up in the Solutionreach Scholarship Essay Contest

Jeremiah Jensen, a sophomore and journalism student at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas is our second runner up in the Solutionreach scholarship essay contest. Jeremiah shares a great perspective on how improving communication between provider and patient will improve long term health outcomes and how technology frees up time for doctors to treat more patients. Great job Jeremiah!

Technology’s purpose is to improve the efficiency and proficiency of operations within any given field. It is one of the most important avenues humanity has for improving its overall quality of life. Thus, it is no surprise that one of the fields technology is most involved in, is the field of medicine. Healthcare is and has been one of technology’s primary beneficiaries. Technology’s steady progress paves the way for healthcare improvement.
One form of technology on the forefront of healthcare’s improvement is medical communications technology. This technology enables increased patient to doctor contact, perhaps the most critical part of a patient’s healing process.

Diagnoses and treatments come from contact with doctors, thus increased communication equals increased health, generally speaking. Advances in medical communications technologies are vital to the advancement of medicine, for when communications are clear, exchanges of information can occur between health professionals and patients the world over. Therefore, it is clear that better communication technology expedites the progress and potency of healthcare in the world, and that doctors ought to continue innovating and integrating such technology into their practices.


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November 7, 2014

Free CE Association Events you don’t want to miss!

Join us!

We are no doubt preaching to the choir, but Continuing Education courses— although necessary for the dental profession—sometimes end up being nothing more than fulfilling state required education hours for your practice with no real long-term benefits.

Solutionreach and Free CE Association Logo Banner

Free CE Association is on a mission to change that! They bring cutting edge topics presented by the most dynamic and influential presenters in the dental industry.

Please join us along with Free CE Association at the following Free CE Association events to extend your knowledge:

Free CE Schedule Image

Click Read More to view full details.

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October 31, 2014

Some Halloween Humor

Have a happy holiday!

A little Halloween humor, brought to you by the Comic Genius at Solutionreach!

Happy Halloween from Solutionreach
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October 27, 2014

And Our First Runner Up Is…..

Solutionreach Fall Scholarship Essay Contest

Lindsay Burton, our first runner up for the fall essay scholarship contest, is a junior at Azusa Pacific University double majoring in Computer Information Systems and Theater Arts. She will graduate in May 2016. She hopes to work in entertainment (with a focus in sketch comedy and improv) and tech after graduation. Check out Lindsay’s research and perspective on patient engagement technology in the healthcare industry:

Communication Technology in Healthcare

It seems that our lives quicken pace as time goes on. This is largely due to the rapid introduction of advanced technology. While many mobile apps for communication have been introduced, the healthcare is in dire need of new technology to maintain communication between healthcare providers and their patients. Patient engagement technology is key to healthcare’s success and it needs to introduce new technology in order to create a stronger healthcare provider and patient relationship.

Patient engagement is one of the most crucial trends in the healthcare world. Three trends increasing in popularity are PHRs and text-based programs. PHRs are health record systems which provide one concrete database for a patient’s personal records. Companies like Google and Kaiser Permanente introduced their own PHRs. Within the most recent years, tethered PHRs, which are controlled by healthcare providers and can be viewed by patients, were introduced.

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October 24, 2014

3 Reasons You Need to be Using Your Patient Surveys

and tips for doing it better!

Have you ever had a patient post a negative review about your services?

Did you then wonder why they hadn’t talked to you first about the issue they were having so you could resolve it before they lashed out?

Fortunately, there is a simple way to drastically improve your chances of addressing the issue before it escalates that far.

The simple solution is to utilize your patient surveys tool more effectively.

You see, patients will rarely bring their frustrations to you without being prompted. You have to proactively reach out to them and ask for their feedback.

Your Solutionreach platform comes with the ability to send customizable, automated or on-demand surveys to get you that crucial feedback you need to solidify patient relationships and improve the service you are providing to your patients. Here are the 3 reasons this will work to your advantage:


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October 20, 2014

A Walk To Remember

Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Light the Night Walk- October 11th, 2014

Festivities, great music, tasty food and a remembrance walk…just a few highlights of an awesome experience at the Light the Night Walk on Saturday, October 11th. As a thank you from the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society for our efforts to support their cause- which resulted in a contribution of $31,386.40, over $7,700 more than we raised last year- we were invited to participate in this amazing night of celebration and remembrance. 

Solutionreach awarded at LLS 2014 Light the Night Walk

The walk was held at Sugarhouse Park on a perfect fall evening.  Light the Night is one of the signature campaigns which supports the mission of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society – to find a cure for blood cancers and to improve the quality of life for patients and their families.

LLS Light the Night Walk

Supporters attending that evening, received different colored wristbands which entitled each participant to a lantern (red for supporters, white for survivors and gold in memory of a loved one lost) and dinner was provided onsite by several supporting restaurants. Following an inspiring evening of the sharing of personal stories, acknowledgement of generous sponsors, those walking in memory of loved ones, and a moment of silence for those who have lost their battle with cancer, the evening ended with a perfect fireworks display.

Becca at the 2014 LLS Light the Night Walk

Some Solutionaries shared the impact their experience of the evening had on them:

It was so inspiring seeing the trail of lanterns ahead of us during the walk. A couple of times we went off the path to take a photo of the breathtaking scene as the lanterns rounded the pond. It was amazing to see how many white lanterns there were—how many people in the group had beaten cancer. I felt a great sense of community and oneness with a group of people I had never met before—it was really an awesome experience.”- Aaron Ludwig (shown below, with daughter.)

Aaron at the LLS Light the Night Walk

“It was an amazing night! When the gold lanterns were raised in remembrance of those who have lost their life to cancer I got chills. It reminded me that even though we had a fun time (maybe too much fun) raising money for LLS it may have not helped those who have passed on but hopefully it will help those who are battling cancer now and may battle it in the future. I was so proud to be a Solutionary that night and to hear of the difference that our contributions as a company will make for those in need.”- Jen Meeks (shown below)

Jen Meeks at the LLS Light the Night Walk

Light the Night was amazing! It was overwhelming to see all the lanterns moving through Sugarhouse Park. I had the privilege of walking with my company and my family. I love the way LLS raises awareness & funds, and brings people together to support, recognize and remember those affected by cancer.”- Kelly Morris

We think we can speak for everyone at Solutionreach when we say we are grateful to have had the opportunity to be a part of such a great cause. It was an awesome experience! Thanks to all Solutionaries who attended and to those who worked hard in preparation for it! It was most definitely a night to remember!

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October 8, 2014

Educate, Reactivate, Celebrate: Top 5 Reasons You Want to Use a Newsletter for Your Practice

We’re excited to announce an upcoming FREE webinar, brought to you by Solutionreach and our partner NextLevel Practice!

Join us for this free, live webinar beginning at 12:00 PM (PST) Tuesday, October 14th. Watch and learn as Gary Kadi, founder of NextLevel Practice, unpacks the 5 most important reasons your business needs a monthly patient newsletter.

Earn 1 Free CE Credit and learn how to educate your patients on a monthly basis,
reactivate and generate more patients, stay on top of mind with your patients, build
trust and credibility, and increase your patient retention.

Don’t miss this opportunity to earn 1 CE CREDIT and celebrate as your practice
grows and you build lifelong patients who are educated about their complete

Click here to register before Tuesday, October 14th!

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October 8, 2014

Multi Provider, Multi Location Feature Update

As if our unique multi-provider, multi-location capability wasn’t already fantastic, we just made it better! 

Here is a quick recap of the personalized Multi-Provider and Multi-Location features as they were before today. If you’re already using these tools (that are included with your Solutionreach service), take a look to find out if you’ve been making full use of these capabilities.

    Provider personalized- Providers are able to communicate how, when and what they want, to their own patient base, with the ability to send information to individual or groups of patients for more customized patient outreach.
    Location specific- If the providers in your practice work in multiple locations, you have the ability to specify within your patient messaging which location a patient’s appointment is at and which provider they will be seeing.
    Patient Grouping- Further personalize your patient reach with the ability to create customized groups within your patient base, according to age, gender, or pertinent health information, for patient newsletters, promotions, or targeted email marketing campaigns.
    Provider Scheduling- Advanced scheduling filters are built into our platform to allow each provider to view and manage his/her own schedule and check their patient confirmations each day.

As we listen to our valued clients and receive feedback on how to better serve you, we continue to add to, update and improve our service offerings. As a result, we have added the following features to our already stand-alone, revolutionary, patient engagement platform:

At Solutionreach, we know that no two practices are the same and so we continue to create the tools you need to connect with your patients in the most personal way. Enabling you to match the right patient with the right provider and customize your patient communication to reflect the feel, tone, and personality of your practice, you will be able to improve patient satisfaction and optimize office efficiency.

To learn more about Multi-Provider and Multi-Location capabilities, please call your dedicated Client Success Representatives. We look forward to helping you get started!


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September 30, 2014

Holiday Newsletters

Can you believe it's that time again already??

Is anybody else wondering where 2014 went? I swear I just put my holiday decorations up a couple months ago. (Actually that’s totally possible.) It’s that time of year again. Hustle and bustle and emptied bank accounts are on the horizon very soon. Time to gear up!

This would be the perfect time to get your holiday newsletters ready to send out to your patients! Life has settled for a bit after the busyness of back to school, schedules have been established, bank accounts are recovering (for the short term) and so it’s a good time to reach out. Once the chaos of the holiday season sets in, scheduling their continued care appointments is going to be furthest from their minds! So what’s the best way to successfully connect with them during this busy time?

Utilizing a patient newsletter to encourage your patients to be mindful of their health throughout the holiday season is a good way to keep your practice on the forefront of their minds so they don’t forget to come in or at least schedule those end or first of the year appointments.

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