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Spread the word & Get $500!
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Solutionreach Referral Rewards

Refer a friend, a colleague, or a complete stranger and get $500.

We call it Solutionreach Referral Rewards, but you can call it a night away from the kids, airfare to Hawaii, or simply "Free Cash."

It’s a Piece of Cake...a Potentially Rich Piece

For you, Solutionreach is an easy sell. Word-of-mouth carries sales weight. When colleagues hear you rave about our patient-engaging products and services – not to mention our unlimited LIVE revolutionary support – they’ll beg for more info and gladly insert your name in the Referral box. We'll even give you the tools you need, like buttons and banners for them to click on to sign up for a free demo.

How it Works

Solutionreach will pay you a $500 Referral Reward each time someone signs up with Solutionreach as a result of your referral. Your 10th successful referral will grant you $2000.

So... if 10 colleagues take your advice and sign up for Solutionreach? Well you just made a cool $6,500. If you recruit 20, you get $13,000. If your referrals lead to 1,000 new Solutionreach customers, you could buy your own amusement park and its surrounding city.

Remember, to receive your reward your referral has to a) click through from your link to sign up for a free demo and b) stay with Solutionreach after the Satisfaction Guarantee period has ended.

You get them here, and Solutionreach will close the sale with your referral.

It's that easy, you're done. When your referral signs up for Solutionreach, you get $500. Your 10th successful referral nets $2,000.

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