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Solutionreach: Revolutionary Support

At Solutionreach, we don’t just give you the tools to revolutionize your practice.

When you are a Solutionreach customer, you have unlimited access to live training and support from your very own team of "Solutionaries" who are committed to ensuring that your platform is tailored to provide the right results for your unique practice.

We're Different

We're Dedicated

As a Solutionreach customer, you are provided with a team of Solutionaries dedicated to knowing your practice, how it works, and what unique priorities are important to you.

We’re Skilled

As a Solutionreach customer, you are provided with a small team of Solutionaries dedicated to knowing your practice software, how it works with the Solutionreach platform, and what unique priorities may be important to you.

We’re Customization Experts

We know that one size doesn’t fit all, so we give our clients high tech solutions without sacrificing high-touch personalization. We will find the best solutions for your practice by helping you customize our platform based on your preferences and needs.

We’re Partners

Solutionaries are more than customer support representatives: we don’t just support, we partner. We’re dedicated to helping you succeed, and we have the know-how to make it happen.

Customer Testimonial

"Thanks...for all your fantastic customer service! I've received at least one call each month from one of your client success reps to see if we were doing ok– with him offering his help and support. LOVE IT!!"

-Kip Orbeck
Blanco EyeWorks

Live Revolutionary Support for You! 9 out of 10 Customer Satisfaction Score

Our Customers Have Spoken!

In June of 2013, regulated customer satisfaction surveys were administered to Solutionreach customers. We are proud to announce the results!

Our customers rated us a 9 out of 10 for Customer Satisfaction (CSAT).

We have a commitment to providing high tech solutions while maintaining high-touch relationships with our customers. We raise the bar for support by replacing “customer service” with representatives that act as partners to Solutionreach customers, dedicated to meeting their individual needs. The survey results show us that the dedication we have to our customers truly does make a difference in their practice, their success, and their overall satisfaction.

With a CSAT of 9 out of 10, the numbers for Solutionreach…well, they speak for themselves.

What They Are Saying

“Debbie is by far the best support rep I’ve ever had from any company! Her genuine care for the success of my practice comes through the phone every time we speak to her.”

-Dr. Arnold


“We left Solutionreach for a competitor and hated it. We came back on the condition we could get Sherrie, our support rep, back as well. We love our personal support rep!”

-Margie (Office Manager)

“I want to say a huge "Thank You" to SolutionReach and my support team there! What a 100% difference we have discovered in the last few weeks that we have been with you!”

-Monica at Vision Source, Pendleton, OR

“Thanks again to you for all your customer service. In the year I spent (other competing company) I never ever received a personal phone call to see how things were going. I've received at least a call a month from (our SR representative) to see if we were doing ok.”

-Kip Orbeck, O.D., Blanco Eyeworks


Hours: 6am-5pm MST (M-F)