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We exhibit at a variety of exciting and relevant conferences throughout the year. If you are attending a conference, come on by our booth to talk with the team, see a live demo and take advantage of our show specials. We love seeing old friends and making new ones! We look forward to seeing you at the next conference!

Click on any of the show titles below to sign-up for and/or learn more information about them.

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2014 Sixth Annual MaximEyes Users Conference

Booth #2
Portland, OR

Start: 5/30/14
End: 6/2/14

Pacific Northwest Dental Conference

Booth #208
Seattle, WA

Start: 6/12/14
End: 6/13/14

FNDC 2014

Booth #306
Orlando, FL

Start: 6/12/14
End: 6/14/14

NMDA 105th Annual Session

Booth #317
Albuquerque, NM

Start: 6/11/14
End: 6/14/14

Vegas Cosmetic Surgery & Aesthetic Dermatology

Booth #212
Las Vegas, NV

Start: 6/18/14
End: 6/22/14

Optometry Association of Louisiana Convention

Booth #-
Baton Rouge, LA

Start: 6/20/14
End: 6/22/14

AGD 2014 Annual Meeting & Exhibits

Booth #618
Detroit, MI

Start: 6/26/14
End: 6/29/14

Optometry’s Meeting 2014

Booth #1719
Philadelphia, PA

Start: 6/25/14
End: 6/29/14

The Aesthtic Show

Booth #428
:as Vegas, NV

Start: 7/10/14
End: 7/13/14

IACA- International Association of Comprehensvie Aesthetics

Booth #22
Paradise Island, Bahamas

Start: 7/24/14
End: 7/26/14

National Dental Association 101st Annual Convention

Booth #303
New Orleans, LA

Start: 7/25/14
End: 7/29/14

2014 International Vision Conference

Booth #207
San Diego, CA

Start: 7/31/14
End: 8/2/14

AAD- 2014 Summer Academy Meeting

Booth #1513
Chicago, IL

Start: 8/6/14
End: 8/10/14

CDA Presents in San Francisco

Booth #1838
San Francisco, CA

Start: 9/4/14
End: 7/6/14

American Asociation of Dental Office Managers

Booth #8014
San Diego, CA

Start: 9/4/14
End: 9/6/14

Ohio Dental Association Annual Session

Booth #407
Columbus, OH

Start: 9/11/14
End: 9/14/14

TBSE 2014

Booth #TBD
Miami Beach, FL

Start: 9/12/14
End: 9/13/14

Vision Expo West

Booth #MS3065
Las Vegas, NV

Start: 9/17/14
End: 9/20/14

American Academy of Periodontology 100th Anniversary

Booth #744
San Francisco, CA

Start: 9/19/14
End: 9/22/14

EastWest Eye Conference

Booth #TBD
Cleveland, OH

Start: 10/9/14
End: 10/12/14

ADA 2014- America’s Dental Meeting

Booth #3720
San Antonio, TX

Start: 10/9/14
End: 10/14/14

Plastic Surgery The Meeting

Booth #530
Chicago, IL

Start: 10/10/14
End: 10/14/14

AAP Experience- National Conference & Exhibition

Booth #340
San Diego, CA

Start: 10/11/14
End: 10/14/14

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