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Upcoming Events

We exhibit at a variety of exciting and relevant conferences throughout the year. If you are attending a conference, come on by our booth to talk with the team, see a live demo and take advantage of our show specials. We love seeing old friends and making new ones! We look forward to seeing you at the next conference!

Click on any of the show titles below to sign-up for and/or learn more information about them.

Show Title



Hawaii Dental Association

Booth #27
Honolulu, HI

Start: 1/15/15
End: 1/16/15

California Dental Expo

Booth #511
Los Angeles, CA

Start: 1/16/15
End: 1/17/15

Orlando Dermatology Aesthetic and Clinical Conference

Booth #420
Orlando, FL

Start: 1/16/15
End: 1/19/15

Rocky Mountain Dental Convention

Booth #406
Denver, CO

Start: 1/22/15
End: 1/24/15

Star of the South

Booth #311
Houston, TX

Start: 1/22/15
End: 1/24/15

Yankee Dental Congress

Booth #1224
Boston, MA

Start: 1/29/15
End: 1/31/15

North American Rhinology & Allergry Conference

Booth #TBD
Boca Raton, FL

Start: 2/5/15
End: 2/8/15

AADGP- American Academy of Dental Group Practice

Booth #
Las Vegas, NV

Start: 2/11/15
End: 2/14/15

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