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Patient Reviews: Your Strongest Marketing Tool

Solutionreach Patient Reviews

Why do I care about patient reviews?

If you care about generating new patients, you care about patient reviews.

When it comes to marketing your practice, nothing holds as much weight as online patient reviews. With a few clicks, prospective patients will be directed to websites specifically designed to review practices just like yours.

The problem(s) with patient reviews:

When it boils down to it, the biggest problem with patient reviews is how much time and effort it takes to find, generate, monitor, and manage them.

This is where Solutionreach shines. We take the hard part out of patient reviews, enabling you to reap the rewards of a gleaming online reputation automatically.

The Solution for patient reviews:

Solutionreach lets you eliminate all of the time, confusion, and stress of dealing with patient reviews by automatically (and expertly) providing you with solutions for generating, populating, and monitoring the patient reviews of your practice, all around the web.

The way Solutionreach does patient reviews:

Monitor Existing Reviews


There are so many review sites that it can nearly impossible to manually locate and manage them - even if you dedicate a full time employee to the task.

Why else?

If you don’t know where they are, you can’t address them. Though you can’t necessarily stop people from leaving a bad review, you can respond to it and show prospective patients that you pay attention. Generally, that means more than having a handful of positive reviews to begin with.


Solutionreach actively combs the web, looking for all reviews mentioning your practice.

The results automatically appear on your Solutionreach dashboard, along with other important information like an overall review score.

Generate New Reviews


When it comes to your practice, having no reviews is almost as bad as having bad reviews.

The problem is that most people don’t consider leaving a review unless they have something bad to say! It’s imperative to proactively encourage patients to leave reviews of your practice.


  1. Collecting Reviews While They Are There

    Your patients can immediately submit a review of your practice right from the waiting room when they check in using the PatientReach tablet application that is included with your Solutionreach service.

    Solutionreach also lets you capture video reviews while they wait using SRVideo. This tool is also included with the platform, and allows you to easily populate the web with the testimonials you collect

  2. Generating Reviews Through Your Automated Messaging

    The automated patient outreach that you send with Solutionreach can be customized with buttons, links, and forms to help your patients submit reviews.

  3. Targeting happy patients to request reviews

    Your built-in survey analytics make it easy to analyze your post-appointment surveys and find out which patients have had the best experience.

    With that information, you can simply use your Solutionreach group messaging to send a targeted request to the patients most likely to say great things about your practice.

Populate the Web with Positive Reviews


Without patient reviews, your online reputation is non-existent. On the other hand, if the first reviews listed on a site are negative, browsers probably won’t keep scrolling to see if there are good ones.

Whether a site needs good reviews because it’s empty or whether you need them at the top of the page to push negative feedback down (making it less likely to be the focus), Solutionreach can help.


Because Solutionreach is constantly monitoring how you’re being talked about (or not talked about) across the web, it’s easy to pinpoint where you need the most help.

Tools built in to your Solutionreach dashboard will show you what sites need attention, and let you select what sites your patients will be directed to when you ask them to leave a review of your practice.

Solutionreach also allows you to collect reviews and keep them to use on your website or social media pages.

Patient reviews are your most powerful tool for patient acquisition.

It’s smart practice marketing, without the hassle.

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