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Patient Reviews: Your Strongest Marketing Tool

Solutionreach Patient Reviews

Today’s patient searches Google and Yelp for a healthcare provider first, weighing your positive and negative patient reviews heavier than any other factor. You’re great at what you do, it’s time potential patients see that.

Solutionreach provides multiple automatic ways to ask patients to leave a review on the most trafficked online review sites like Google, Yelp, and Yellow Pages.

Why Do I Want Patient Reviews?

Online Patient Reviews are more effective than direct mailers.

  • Coupons and ads not only cost moola, they don’t always work. They can even backfire. Would you visit the doc who spends money on flashy ads, or the doc that several people love and recommend? Or would you visit the doc that has both?

If you’re not doing it, your competitors are.

  • When a potential patient Google-searches for a dentist in their area, the other guy’s name will show up first, with more positive reviews than you.

Patient Reviews are not as scary as you think.

  • Remember: Google lists you higher based on the number of reviews – positive or negative – that you’ve received.
  • Solutionreach actively monitors review sites regularly and will alert you of negative (or positive) reviews.

Why Our Patient Review System Rocks

We deliver actual patient reviews, not fake/aggregated reviews

  • Prospective patients want to see real reviews from real patients.

How We Do Patient Reviews

Post-appointment Patient Surveys

  • Automated post-appointment surveys can be customized to prompt patients to leave a review.

Newsletter/Email Link

  • At the bottom of every patient newsletter and email is a button asking your patients if they’d like to post a review to one of several sites.

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Patient Reviews - Solutionreach

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