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Patient Relationship Management
Solutions for the Medical Practice

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Medical Practice Solutions

Managing every patient relationship is of critical importance in today’s healthcare industry, especially when it comes to meeting the standards that have a direct impact on the financial sustainability for your practice.

Unfortunately, physicians are finding that there simply isn’t enough time to spend focusing on the patient education and connected relationships that will contribute to better preventative care, improved outcomes, and patient satisfaction.

Solutionreach enables you to deliver personal communication to your patients more consistently–with significantly less effort and time. Through the most advanced technology available, our platform gives you solutions that are designed to fill the holes that often occur along the care delivery stream with targeted education and personalized outreach.

Our goal is to not only provide enhanced efficiency for your practice, but to do all we can to support you and your patients throughout the continuum of care and ensure more positive long-term outcomes.

Solutionreach has helped us foster a new and stronger relationship with our patients. Patients are now better connected into our office electronically and we are no longer merely an afterthought in their minds. This means we are in a better position for them to receive communication from us regarding their health.
~Stephanie Core, Office Manager
Boost HEDIS Score

Pay-for-performance models demand that you meet increasing standards for preventative care, patient satisfaction, and health outcomes–all of which are measured by your HEDIS score.

Our platform includes many solutions that help you meet these demands and boost your HEDIS score.

Learn more about the intelligence that is built into our tools to make it easy for you to improve your HEDIS score and maximize your financial incentives.

Increase Patient Engagement

Our cloud-based tools and services enable you to communicate with your patients more consistently, effectively, and on a more personal level--with significantly less effort and time.

Learn more about the solutions included with our platform that will help you improve patient engagement, all throughout the care continuum.

Manage Patient Relationships

Cultivating and managing connected provider-patient relationships is critical in order to decrease the potential gaps in care that will affect treatment adherence, patient satisfaction, and overall patient outcomes.

We provide you with the peace of mind that comes in knowing that every patient relationship is being managed and nurtured. Our solutions allow you to deliver consistent, valuable communication with each patient automatically, so you are forming connected provider-patient relationships between visits while freeing up your staff to engage patients face-to-face when they are in your office.

Automate Continuing Care

Keeping every patient current with follow-up or preventative care appointments is time-consuming, but a key element to improving population health.

With Solutionreach, you have seamless tools that will automatically manage your patients’ continuing care needs, so they don’t miss follow-up or preventative appointments.

Our recall and patient relationship management solutions have been designed to intelligently track the care schedule for each patient, allowing you to deliver notifications and consistent communication that improve schedule and treatment adherence throughout the continuum of care.

Streamline Practice Workflows

Every solution included with the Solutionreach platform will dramatically streamline workflows and boost overall office productivity for your practice, while actually improving the level of personalization you are able to give to each patient.

Solutionreach allows you and your staff to direct your attention to the patients that are in your office, knowing that you are continually managing engaged relationships with each patient that is out of your office, too.

Improve Population Health

Solutionreach is designed to help you drive the actions that play a critical role in improving outcomes for your patients and helping you meet population health objectives.

Quality patient relationship management will: Keep patients engaged throughout the care continuum, foster trust between patient and provider, keep patients current with preventative or treatment care schedules, and empower patients to adhere to treatment and make healthier lifestyle choices.

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