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Solutionreach automates
phone call messages

without sounding automated.

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Natural Voice

We offer one of the most natural sounding, automated, phone-messaging system available. When your patients prefer a phone call over text and email messaging, we have you covered. Using our custom built natural voice engine, Solutionreach delivers appointment reminders that sound and feel like one of your staff made the call themselves. Pair the natural sounding messages with custom greetings by your practice, and you have high-quality, automated messages that your patients are sure to connect with and remember.

Here's a quick sample of SR Voice in action:

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Customer Testimonial

Customer Testimonial

"My favorite feature is the reminders/confirmations. You have saved me so much time now that I don't have to wait for their voicemail to stop so I can leave a message. LOVE IT!!!!!!"

-Mark Stoffregen DDS