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Patient Retention
The average practice LOSES 50% of
its patient base every five years

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Patient Retention Patient Retention

Patient Retention

The fact that many practices lose about 50% of their patient base every 5 years is a shocking statistic, but what is more surprising is that many practices aren't doing anything to stop it!

Are you?

Retaining current patients is the most effective and the least costly way to keep your practice thriving. The right patient retention solution will address and perfect key contributors for keeping patients loyal and active.

Read the sections below to learn how companies use patient retention programs to keep satisfied, engaged, and loyal patients.

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Customer testimonial
Solutionreach has paid for itself many times over with the increase in patient retention and significant decrease in wasted marketing dollars. Solutionreach is on my ‘Most Highly Recommended’ list.
~ Dr. Andy Doerfler

Connected Relationships

Appointment Reminders Appointment Reminders

Appointment Reminders

Convenience, convenience, convenience: that’s what our automated, customizable appointment reminders offer your patients. Missed appointments are frustrating for your patients, too – they don’t generally mean to leave you hanging, they just forget!

Our automated appointment boost patient satisfaction and loyalty by providing them with convenient, non-invasive reminders that are tailored to their specific needs and schedule! Using texts, emails or automated phone calls, messages can be set to remind them exactly when and how they need it.

For even more convenience, patients can insert the appointment information into their electronic calendar from within the message with just one-click. Plus, our relationship with Google Now enables them to automatically receive helpful information, like real-time traffic and weather conditions around the time of their appointment.


Patient Surveys

Patient Surveys

Like most people, your patients appreciate being heard and having their feedback considered. Texts, emails or automated phone calls messages can be set to reach each patient exactly when and how they need to be reminded.

Patient satisfaction is increased when you show them that you value their opinion. Patient loyalty is solidified when you address their feedback. Patient education is more effective when you target your outreach by using the built-in analytics tools to create patient groups based on question-specific responses.


Social Networking Social Networking

Social Networking

Relationships are easier to establish and maintain when you connect with patients where they already are. Where are they? You guessed it. Social media is where you can reliably reach almost all of your patients, of every demographic.

Solutionreach integrates social media right into your dashboard, making it easy to share valuable information, special promotions, and even the video testimonials you’ve collected with SR Video!

Your dedicated Solutionreach client success representatives are here to help you create your Facebook page. We’ll even add a “Schedule Me” button, so patients can request an appointment without even picking up the phone! Patient engagement has never been easier.


Enhanced Patient Experience

ASAP Messaging ASAP Messaging

ASAP Messaging

It’s frustrating for patients to be told that they can’t get into your office as quickly as they prefer. Wait-lists for patients hoping for a last minute cancelation spot are all well and good, but calling all of those patients takes too long to be very effective.

When you have a last minute cancelation, our ASAP messages are immediately sent to every patient on your wait list until the opening is filled.

Patients love it, and so does your schedule. (The office staff loves it, too.)


PatientReach TABLET PatientReach TABLET

PatientReach TABLET

There are many things that our digital check-in tool does for your office, but don’t overlook the enhanced patient experience that it offers your patients.

Your patients stay engaged and entertained while they are in your waiting room. After verifying their information and preferences, patients can quickly register for your patient portal and look through a selection of educational articles that can be emailed to them upon request.

No more cramped fingers, no more boring waiting room experiences, no more feeling like information is hard to acquire, and no more ineffective communication.


Birthday Wishes

Birthday Wishes

Thoughtful communication is a great way to build relationships with your patients.

With your personal touch, Solutionreach automatically sends personalized birthday wishes from you to your patients via email or text message. Messages are customized for your practice and can include graphics, photos, personalized messages, a special birthday promotion, a link to a video greeting, and custom signature fonts.

Though the process is automated, patients see that you have taken the time to think of them. It might sound simple, but our customers tell us that patients notice. More importantly, patients appreciate them, which means a better patient experience.


Positive Outcomes

Automated Recare and Recall Automated Recare and Recall

Automated Recare and Recall

Even loyal patients often forget to schedule routine or follow-up appointments. Our automated recare and recall system is the perfect solution!

Solutionreach monitors the continuing care dates for your patients. Then, our automated messaging strategically contacts them before (and after, if necessary) they are due, encouraging them to request an appointment with the click of a button.

Requests are immediately sent to your office so that patients are called for scheduling assistance.


e-Newsletters e-Newsletters


Maintaining communication with your patients is critical if you want to ensure that your patients don’t feel isolated once they leave your office. Our newsletter feature allows you to engage your patients by connecting with them through personal or educational content.

Our extensive library of pre-written, Informative articles are available for you to simply drag and drop into your outreach – whether it be mass/group newsletters or single patient communication – that can be simply personalized with content that is pertinent to them.

Our templates are completely customizable, and each Solutionreach customer has dedicated support representatives that can help design templates and create newsletters that are a perfect fit for their practice.


SR Portal SR Portal

SR Portal

The HIPAA secure patient portal from Solutionreach is included with your service, and it is designed with your patients in mind. Instead of playing phone tag, having to come in to your office, or listening to your voicemails, patients can easily log in and handle healthcare related issues 24 hours a day.

With the portal, patients can pay their bills, exchange secure messages, customize their personal preferences, schedule appointments, safely view x-rays and images, access secure documents, read your archived newsletters/blogs/articles, or even use the portal for personal reminders and memos.

With SR Portal, you engage patients, you create an avenue for patient education, and you enhance patient satisfaction by adding convenience, control and personalization.