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CareCredit is a healthcare credit card that millions of Americans use for their everyday and unexpected health and wellness needs. Unlike other credit cards, CareCredit offers your patients special financing options* to meet their needs. It’s easy for patients to apply for CareCredit and they’ll receive an answer almost immediately. If approved, your patients have a payment method for treatment even before they get their card. That’s the whole idea – to help your patients get the care you recommend, right away.

How to deliver the ultimate patient experience

It’s hard to offer excellent service and provide your patients with outstanding value.

Ensuring that your patients have a pleasant and memorable experience is a critical key to retaining and capturing patients. Meeting the demand for great service at a great price is a challenge facing many providers, but one that must be achieved in order to maintain a thriving practice.

Driving growth through the enhanced patient experience means providing a clear outlook of what your patients can expect throughout their care continuum with you as their provider. This includes and demands successful engagement inside and outside of the office. How can you accomplish this?

There are 3 main goals to focus on as you attempt to provide the most positive experience for your patients during their visit:

(To download the white paper on your best strategy to success, click here.)

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