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ADO Practice Solution's DONE4YOU Marketing Program provides you with ALL the tools you need to grow your practice & succeed in a competitive marketplace.


  1. EXPERTISE Marketing experts see a broad spectrum of approaches & tactics across a variety of clients. As ECP marketing experts, DONE4YOU brings these insights into your practice to achieve better results in less time,differentiating you from your competition.
  2. RESULTS An outsourced marketing team can yield a greater return on investment for your practice. Marketing is metrics driven and DONE4YOU uses a variety of tools to measure what is working well and capitalizes on it, as well as evaluates what is under performing & makes changes accordingly.
  3. TIME Time is a valuable commodity. Outsourcing your marketing to our team of dedicated experts saves time. DONE4YOU will keep your marketing running, with regular updates, as you focus on other areas of the practice. Saving time saves money!
  4. ONE POINT OF CONTACT Marketing can include utilizing multiple external vendors. DONE4YOU will take care of vendor management to better control the process while seamlessly communicating with your internal team. This saves you a tremendous amount of time & aggravation while providing consistency across all marketing channels.

Call: 877-949-0382

Visit adopracticesolutions.com/DONE4YOU