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                        Patient Reviews

                        A positive patient review can do wonders for your practice. It can increase your search engine rankings and in turn, grow your patient base. SR Smart Reviews uses a propriety algorithm to help you find the patients most likely to leave a good review. And, the easy-to-use platform means anyone in your office can send a clickable invitation through a text message. It couldn’t be easier for your patients to leave a review. You can use those solid patient relationships you’ve already built to help you find new patients to grow your practice.

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                        Patient Referrals

                        Patients spreading your practice information to their friends is a great way to grow your patient base.  With Solutionreach, it is easy to encourage your current patients to share your information with a Refer-a-Friend button in the emails you send.  Add a small incentive for each referral and your patient base will start to expand. It’s amazing what people will do for a free cup of coffee.

                        Video Testimonials

                        Video testimonials are similar to patient reviews, in that potential patients will look to them when making a decision about an aesthetic provider.  Solutionreach gives you the ability to capture and share videos of your patients talking about how great your practice is.

                        Custom Communication

                        “Our events have been much more effectively advertised. 100% of those who have attended make appointments!”

                        - Joy Trotter, Manager, Aspen Dermatology


                        Patient Mapping

                        Marketing  your practice can be overwhelming.  Wouldn’t it be nice to know where you should focus your efforts?  With patient mapping, you can see where your new patients are coming from based on their geographic location, zip code, or other data you have.  Then you can target your marketing campaigns to reach those most likely to become new patients.

                        Integrated Social Media

                        Maintaining your social media presence can feel difficult, but it doesn’t have to be.  With Solutionreach, you can easily post updates, promotions, educational content right to your social media pages.  You can even include a Schedule Me button, so your patients can book an appointment right from your social media page.

                        Email Marketing

                        The email messages you send to your patients should look like they are coming from your practice.  That’s why Solutionreach offers an easy communication tool that lets you easily customize the emails you send.  Add your practice branding to the newsletters and promotions you send your patients to improve your patient outreach.  With Solutionreach your plastic surgery email marketing can also target specific segments of your patient populations to foster loyalty towards your practice.

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