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Artificial intelligence that takes patient interactions to the next level.

With SR AI, you can increase efficiency while improving patient experience and outcomes.

AI-driven capabilities in the Solutionreach platform provide the perfect balance of technology and the human touch.

Driven by machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI), and natural language processing (NLP), SR AI spans the platform and the patient journey. An integral part of the user interface for large health systems and hospitals, SR AI increases organizational efficiency, lowers costs, and improves patient experience and outcomes. This cutting-edge innovation was designed based on data from billions of patient interactions over the last 20 years, showing what is most effective at driving patient engagement while maintaining the personal touch. SR AI makes a big impact across the patient journey for both patients and providers:

Automated SMS

SR Conversations, powered by SR AI, provides a 24/7 interactive SMS experience for patients that intelligently responds to questions and requests via automation, freeing the healthcare staff to spend more time delighting patients in person. This can substantially reduce the number of voice calls, provide faster responses to patients, and help reduce costs.

Confirmation and Cancellation Response Identification

With SR AI-driven confirmation and cancellation response identification, there is an ever-growing set of acceptable responses, including emojis. Using a defined set of responses, like Y or Yes and N or No, can lead to five percent of responses being unrecorded, forcing staff to call those patients. For example, if a patient responds “Sure” when the system only accepts “Yes”, the systems says there was no response. With SR AI, Solutionreach has an ever-growing set of acceptable responses, resulting in fewer and fewer unrecorded responses to reminders.


No-show Predictions

Analyzing factors such as payment history and past no-shows, SR AI can predict the likelihood of a patient showing up and adjust the schedule accordingly. As a result, organizations can reduce lost revenue from no-shows and late cancellations.

A single platform for any organization

Hear it directly from some of our largest customers... No matter what specialty or how many providers, patients, or locations, Solutionreach provides one platform that improves the experience for patients across their journey.

Automatic AI-driven Waitlist Outreach

SR AI can automatically reach out to patients waiting for preferred appointments as identified by the organization. This allows the organization to fill specific appointment types first, whether those are high-demand or high-value.

Post-appointment Care Plans

SR AI can establish a cadence and content of post-appointment care plans based on prescribed treatment and typical patient experiences. Since patients forget much of what they are told in the visit, this can help improve compliance and outcomes.


Review Analysis

SR AI analyzes online reviews and surveys to identify recurring keywords and phrases, along with positive or negative sentiment towards them, to provide more context to patient feedback. This allows organizations to more effectively identify and address systemic issues and make improvements to patient experience.


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