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Solutionreach Social Media Top 10: Healthcare Experts in Voice on Twitter You Should be Following

Posted on Sep 06, 2017 by Rebecca Curtis

    Having a defined voice is key to branding (Miss yesterday's post on how to create a defined voice? Read it here), but on social media voice it is especially vital as your words become your image. How you present yourself through the voice in your text on social media helps others to know who you are and what you stand for.

    For examples of how to use social media to help establish your voice within your brand, follow these 10 Twitter accounts below:

    1. Gary Takacs

    Gary Takacs is a dental coach helping dentists keep their practices up-to-date and thriving. Gary takes his brand to social media through his sharing of articles on many dental issues, his motivational tone, and educational content is a helpful resource for all dental providers.

    Follow Gary Takacs on Twitter

    2. Kevin Pho, MD

    Dr. Kevin Pho, MD uses his brand as a provider, active in today's medical industry to provide a platform that is a voice for all providers. The account, @kevinmd, provides perspective and insight into the issues surrounding the medical field and across the spectrum of specialities. Dr. Pho, has become the universal doctor all should follow on social media.

    Follow Kevin Pho on Twitter

    3.  Geeta Nayyar, MD, MBA
    Dr. Geeta Nayyar is a unique voice on social media. Dr. Nayyer uses her Twitter account to bring a doctor's perspective to the digital health discussion. Providing balance of her profession and industry awareness, Dr. Nayyer is a warm voice of reason. Her tweets are informative and bring a human aspect to the conversation.

    Follow Geeta Nayyar on Twitter

    4. John Nosta
    John Nosta is known for his innovation and creativity in the field of medicine and technology. His social media expands on that brand by providing a voice that shares information about innovations and advances made in the health industry that affect both patients and providers.

    Follow John Nosta on Twitter

    5. Vision Source
    Vision Source is a network of almost 5,000 independent optometrists in the US. Because of the large-scale audience, the voice of this network could be hard to distinguish in text, but Vision Source does this well by merging education and information with humor and personality.

    Follow Vision Source on Twitter

    6. Dr. Garry Choy
    Dr. Garry Choy, MD, MBA is a radiologist whose perspective of the healthcare industry is through improvements in the digital/technology areas. Dr. Choy keeps his followers up to date on the current issues in the healthcare worldwith technology solutions in mind.

    Follow Garry Choy on Twitter

    7. Nicole Saphier, MD
    Dr. Nicole Saphier provides an authentic voice online. Her Twitter feed is filled with a mixture of insight to the human perspective providing a more individual aspect of healthcare. Dr. Saphier's voice is friendly, trustworthy, and educates her followers with an empathetic and conversational connection.

    Follow Nicole Saphier on Twitter

    8. John Lynn
    John Lynn is a blogger and entrepreneur who is an active voice on Twitter discussing topics in healthcare from improving technology, to patient experience. John’s extensive experience in healthcare and marketing make a great voice that is easily recognizable on social platforms.

    Follow John Lynn on Twitter

    9. Dr. Gary Motykie
    A plastic surgeon based in West Hollywood, Dr Motykie brands himself as focusing on the whole of the human body within his practice. He demonstrates this on his Ttwitter feed by not only sharing content that deals directly with plastic surgery, but also in whole- body wellness. Glancing at his feed, one can see that this provider is aware of his patients and is investing in their health overall.

    Follow Gary Motykie on Twitter

    10. Dr. Linda Girgis
    A specialist in family medicine, Dr. Linda Girgis takes to Twitter to be involved with her audience through moderating chats and discussing relevant topics like policy changes and improvement to patient experience with providers.

    Follow Linda Girgis on Twitter

    These 10 Twitter accounts are just some of the great examples of industry leaders who use a consistent voice in their social media channels. Do you have a favorite? Reach out to us and let us know!

    Feeling excited about building a social presence? Get a headstart by reading the 11 Tips to Creating the Perfect Social Media Post here. 

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    Rebecca Curtis

    Rebecca Curtis

    Rebecca Curtis is a social media guru who helps businesses connect with their clients on an individual level. She holds a BS in English Literature from Utah Valley University. Rebecca knows that power of social media can change not only personal lives, but business lives as well. Rebecca has honed her social media skills working as a creative producer, event producer and social media consultant for companies such as Big Talk Media, WedUtah, Utah Fashion Week, and Entrepreneur Simplified. Rebecca currently leverages her talents as the Social Media Coordinator at Solutionreach.

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