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3 Practice Marketing Roadblocks (And How to Fix Them)

Posted on Sep 29, 2016 by Solutionreach



    Healthcare practice marketing in today’s world comes with a variety of challenges and obstacles. The modern healthcare office has a higher demand now for marketing than at any other time, and less time to actually spend on doing it effectively. By looking at common roadblocks to healthcare practice marking, it’s easier to identify effective solutions and bring your marketing efforts to the forefront of your practice.


    Issue: Retail businesses and others have already mastered online marketing automation, but the healthcare industry has been slow to adopt technology in its marketing plans. Most healthcare practice marketing relies on word of mouth testimonials or traditional phone book listings as their primary source of advertising. But while offices have not moved online very quickly, their patients surely have, so it has become critical for healthcare providers to gain an online presence in order to grow their business.


    #1 - It’s a Brave, New WorldSolution: Automated practice marketing solutions can typically be tested with free satisfaction periods. These easy-to-use platforms offer everything from automated appointment reminders to newsletters and more. A broad range of materials can be offered to healthcare providers through the companies offering automated marketing, such as video tutorials, white papers, articles, and customer support staff to answer questions. Studies show that the return on investment for these services is impressive and they can save provides thousands of dollars in man hour personnel resources.

    #2 Personalization

    Issue: Blanket advertising is no longer the preferred method for reaching your patients. They are used to receiving customized information that targets their needs, wants, or interests. Healthcare has been slow to step up to the plate on providing these personalized contacts. They’ve been seen as time consuming, cumbersome efforts that are also labor intensive.

    Solution: Using a platform designed for customization, you can now target your practice marketing messages to both existing and potential patients. Email messaging and online ads can be pinpointed to patients based on age, gender, location, health history, insurance plan, or other data points. Special promotional messages can be used to invite new patients to give you a try, to remind existing patients of needed appointments, or to encourage patients who may have become inactive to follow up on overdue appointments. Messages can be sent by text, phone call, or email so the patient can receive them by mobile phone, landline, notebook, laptop, or desktop.


    #3 Let’s Get Sociable

    Issue: To many healthcare practices, social media is what you do at home in your spare time. Very few practices have seen it as an opportunity to generate leads and communicate with patients. Social media is where both existing and new patients can be found, so it’s only logical that you should be there, too. So many providers are only now discovering that social media is an invaluable practice marketing resource, and it’s never too late to join in.

    Solution: Most social media sites allow you to create practice marketing messages in advance and schedule them to be posted at the times you want. You can use these posts for educational and promotional purposes, reminding existing patients of important information, or offering new patients a discount to give your office a try. Social media is exceptionally good at tracking posts and providing your with detailed analytics so you always know what’s working best. Patients can post testimonials on your site, and patient relationship management software can give your patients the option of referring a friend or family member and can give potential patients the option to book an appointment right from your page.

    Take advantage of the free trial offer and see all of the patient relationship management options available to you. By addressing these three practice marketing roadblocks, you could see dynamic growth in your practice in a relatively short time.

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