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Posted on Jan 11, 2016 by Solutionreach




    When it comes to developing a content marketing plan, there are a number of important components to consider: the message you wish to send, the actual content, the methods of delivery, and your employees or staff. Yes - your employees!

    Employee engagement can be a critical component to the success of a content marketing strategy because employees are the ones who talk to and interact with your patients every day and continuously discuss the products and services available that are needed to meet their needs. Employees give us the opportunity to enhance our content with material that has the feel of exclusive, insider information. So how do you include your employees in your content marketing strategy?

      1. Include employees from the very beginnings of your content marketing planning. Have your employees brainstorm trending health issues or services and write half a page on who they think would appreciate their insights the most. Ask employees to identify specific audiences and messages that they would be willing to contribute their input on.

      1. Make sure employees have important information on how the strategy works. Let them know about deadlines for articles and input, what channels you will use to provide that information to patients and potential patients, and what type of content and tone is appropriate for those channels. When employees and staff members understand the design of your strategy, it’s easier for them to contribute their input. Be sure to make it clear that you may not use every contribution you receive - sometimes content or timing will play a role in your decisions.

    1. Encourage employees to think of themselves as ambassadors of your practice. Train them to listen for feedback that can be used to reduce the questions and phone calls your office receives. Show them how to use your content marketing channels to promote your practice and services to improve patient education and satisfaction. Give them the opportunity to provide articles or information for your social media pages or newsletters.


    These front-line members of your team are an invaluable resource for providing critical information for your content marketing strategy. With some communication on guidelines and structure, you can cultivate a team of content experts that will ensure you provide a consistent, credible message to your patients and potential patients.

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