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3 Ways to Make Your Practice Appeal to Patients

Posted on Mar 28, 2017 by Solutionreach

    Man, have you noticed that there seem to be a lot of healthcare practices out there, and new ones popping up every day? It’s crazy, and patients are really taking advantage of the options to shop around for their providers. Patients are no longer tied to certain providers or practices, they can choose where and by whom they would like to be seen. This can be a boon for your practice, because it means you have an opportunity to attract new patients while also building the loyalty of your current patients. Below are some tips that will help you show current and potential patients why they should choose your practice.

    Amp up your practice with these three solid marketing tips.

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    Timing is Everything

    Throughout the year, different information will be relevant to your patients. Making sure your content is timely will help ensure it gets read. For example, a promotional email with a list of your back-to-school specials is relevant to your patients in August or September, but if they receive those deals in April, chances are the email won’t even be opened. It’s important to pay attention to what is going on around you and use outside factors to influence and guide your marketing plan.  

    Make sure your practice is connecting with patients in the way they want to be reached.Change the Channel

    Between email, phone calls, text messages, and social media there are so many ways to contact people. It’s important that your practice is connecting with your current and potential patients in the way they want to be reached. With tools that can automate messaging on any of these platforms, it can be easy to make sure your messages will reach your audience in a way that fits into their lives, and won’t be inconvenient.

    Coupons and Incentives

    Coupons and discounts bring current and potential patients into your practice.Distributing coupons and discounts on services you offer is another way to bring new and existing patients in the door. Promoting special pricing is not only enticing, but it can also help you fill your schedule when things are slow, or advertise a lesser-known service you offer. Referrals from friends are one of the most trusted forms of marketing, so you can also ask your current patients to help you find new patients by offering them incentives. For example, if a new patient schedules an appointment at the suggestion of one of your current patients, you can offer your current patient a reward, such as a gift card to a coffee shop or a discount on their next service at your practice.

    You want your practice to stand out from competitors, and with a good marketing strategy you can highlight the benefits your practice offers. For more tips on marketing your practice, download our white paper here.

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