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4 Quick Tips for Making Your Patient Newsletter Rock

Posted on Aug 30, 2016 by Solutionreach



    Patient newsletters can be frustrating and time consuming. They take the dedication of one of your staff members, and they require a lot of energy. But with just a few simple techniques, you can produce a newsletter that is both effective and interesting.

    Let Them Know You Care: Patient education is - or should be - one of the primary reasons you have a newsletter for your patients. Articles that provide your patients with meaningful information on their health, new treatments or procedures, or information pertaining to the health or care of a loved one adds value and meaning to your newsletter.

    Tie Into Your Patient Marketing Efforts: Are you focusing on a specific treatment or procedure? Are you offering a discount or special offer to your patients? Make sure to use your newsletter to support your other marketing and communication programs. This reinforces your message to your patients and ensures that they have multiple exposures so that engagement is enhanced and the communication is clear and consistent.


    Be Personable: Your practice has a personality, so why not show it off? Feature members of your staff in your newsletter. Recognize your patients’ special events (weddings, anniversaries, new babies) to build on your patient engagement efforts. Potential patients who read your newsletter on your website will see how friendly and personable your office is, and existing patients will feel even more confident in recommending your practice to family and friends.

    Make It Special: Providing special offers in your newsletter can attract new patients while gauging the readership of your existing patients. Patient communication should a vital part of your ongoing marketing strategy, and when you use your newsletter to measure that communication, your results will be more reliable and can help you plan more effectively for the future.

    With a few simple areas of focus, you can start using your newsletter for more effective patient communication and enhanced marketing efforts.  Your current patients will be pleased, and potential patients will be impressed by the level of communication you share with your patients.

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