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Posted on Dec 06, 2016 by Solutionreach

    attracting millennials moneyIt’s the end of the year and budgets are tight, but a little push in your practice marketing plan is still an achievable goal. It doesn’t take a mega-bucks budget to reach members of your local community. Here are five budget-friendly options to help you continue to grow your practice into the new year.

    #1 Cross-Promote with Other Local Merchants

    Joining forces with other local merchants can lead to some clever and creative opportunities. Put your special offer or discount together with one or more merchants in your area and pass them out to patients and customers. The only cost is the discount you offer, and the cost of printing the flyers or cards (which can be done inexpensively at your local office supply store). Your ad is placed for free in other merchants’ locations, and you’re helping your neighbors as well.

    #2 Host An Event

    Open your doors to existing and potential patients by hosting an event. This can be a holiday gathering, a new office celebration, or a New Year’s Resolution gathering. Hand out invitations and encourage patients to bring a guest. Provide a few light refreshments, and then celebrate. Be sure to include your local merchants and neighbors. Your output is the cost of refreshments and the invitations, which again can be handled nicely but inexpensively.

    #3 Be A Contrarian

    How often do you look at what your competitors are doing? Here’s a suggestion: watch what they do and look for the holes. What aren’t they doing? That might be a great place for you to be! Consider social media sites such as Pintrest, Instagram, or YouTube - all of which are free to you, easy to use, and excellent resources.

    #4 Set Up Triggered Emails

    An email messaging system can help you contact potential patients while their interest is high. Offer to answer questions, send free information, or discounts on services for booking appointments online. If you send the messages yourself, there is only the cost of your time to send them.

    #5 Support Fundraisers

    Wasting Time and MoneyDonating your products or services to local charitable events not only enhances your image in the community, but it’s a great way to get your name in front of the members of your community. You can help to sponsor an event as well, to be sure your name is well represented to potential patients. You can contribute as little or as much as you choose for events that matter to you and reflect the most likely source of potential patients.

    Strategies for acquiring new patients don’t have to be complicated. and marketing close to home doesn’t have to swallow your budget. A few clever applications of your time and minimal resources could easily pay off in new patients through your door.

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