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5 Tips to Running An Awesome Dental Practice Giveaway

Posted on Nov 05, 2020 by Natalie Marinos

    Holiday giveawayThe holidays are coming up which means that now is the perfect time to attract new dental patients with gift-giving fun!


    These proven tips for holidays giveaways will get your cosmetic dental practice more visibility and engagement!

    There are not many things that your patients and online fans love more than the chance to win a prize, especially during the holiday season. If you are looking to grow your cosmetic dental practice using social media, and be seen by more local potential patients, a simple holiday giveaway is an excellent marketing tool.

    Follow these proven guidelines for running a successful holiday giveaway in your cosmetic dental practice! A giveaway is a great introduction to your practice and, an icebreaker. These tips are guaranteed to help you build relationships with the people that will grow your practice. 

    5 Tips for Fabulous Holiday Social Media Giveaways

    1. Give away smaller prizes that allow you to host giveaways regularly.

    A dental social media company, My Social Practice, has helped thousands of dental practices run effective giveaways. They have found that dental practice's who giveaway away prizes worth $10 and prizes worth $50 get around the same patient interaction. Your online followers care about the chance to connect with you and the excitement of the possibility of winning something. It is not so much about the prize as it is an opportunity to engage with your practice on a personal level.

    Additionally, when you run frequent giveaways, you give your patients and online followers a reason to check your page and stay up-to-date with what you are posting. This helps you strengthen crucial relationships and maintain top-of-mind awareness. 

    The prizes you give away does not have to be related to dentistry! Remember, your practice treats people, not teeth. Is there a restaurant or coffee shop that locals love? Give away a $10 gift card and let someone enjoy coffee or lunch on you. This way you support and connect with other local businesses while giving away an awesome prize.

    2. In your giveaway post, clearly state how to enter, what the prize is, and how long you will be running the giveaway.

    Ensure that your giveaway promotion details are clearly stated in every social media post that you share online. How long should you run your giveaway? The recommended length for a giveaway is about a week. This amount of time gives patients a chance to enter while still creating a sense of urgency that encourages your fans to enter as soon as they see your post.

    We also recommend boosting the post to help it reach more of your audience.

    3. Make it simple to enter, and promote social media engagement.

    Even if a giveaway prize is very attractive, it's common that people will skip the chance to win if entering isSocial media contests inconvenient.

    Here is what to include in your announcement post:

    Follow these 3 simple steps to enter to win!

      1. Like our Facebook page and this post.
      2. Comment on this post with your favorite holiday movie.
      3. Mention a friend in your comment for an additional entry!

    This is a great way to get your post seen by your patients’ friends and family — the people most likely to become your new patients.

    4. Follow the rules of the social media platform. 

    Facebook and Instagram have rules regarding what you can and cannot say to promote your giveaway. For example, a giveaway cannot make sharing a post or tagging friends a mandatory part of entering to win.

    It is also good practice to disassociate your giveaway from the social media platform you are posting to. You can do this easily by including a statement like this at the bottom of your post:

    “This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed, or administered by, or associated with Facebook and Instagram.”

    5. Mention your giveaway to everyone who visits your practice.

    Prosperous social media efforts start right there in your practice, with face-to-face conversations. Ask every patient that comes in “Have you seen our giveaway on social media? You can enter right from your phone!”

    If feasible, display the prize on the front desk where everyone can see it. Include a card or poster nearby telling patients how they can enter to win.

    This means that your whole dental team ought to be involved, so devote some meeting time to explaining the giveaway and getting everyone on board.

    Giveaways are an excellent way to reach new patients, strengthen relationships with your current patients, and build a stronger reputation in your community. Use these tips to host your giveaway this season and see for yourself.

    For more ideas on creating a strong online presence, download our free guide, "The Ultimate Guide to Looking Awesome Online."

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    Natalie Marinos

    Natalie Marinos

    Natalie Marinos is a marketing specialist at My Social Practice, an agency that provides a complete social media marketing solution for dental, orthodontic, and optometric practices. Natalie uses the trust-building capabilities of social media to help businesses connect authentically with their communities and grow their businesses. My Social Practice is a Solutionreach Marketplace partner.

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