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ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Posted on Dec 16, 2014 by Solutionreach

    A Viral Social Media Success

    Slacktivism or genius marketing? Does ‘liking’, ‘tweeting’ or ‘sharing’ really demonstrate true interest in supporting a worthy cause?

    Regardless of your opinion, statistics show that these actions, along with the healthy competitiveness of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, ignited enough curiosity about the off-the-wall worldwide idea to inspire further action.

    The results couldn’t be disputed: 2.4 million Ice Bucket Challenge videos, 28 million likes, and over $100 million later, the goal to raise awareness about a disease that—in the last 75 years—hadn’t seen a cure or any real advancements, was achieved.

    “One of the reasons social media is an integral part of many people’s lives is that it allows people to participate and feel connected. The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge appealed to so many because it engaged and connected people. In a social media culture obsessed with selfies, contributing content on the internet, and making connections online, engaging in a challenge for a cause seems natural.”

    Read here to find out why utilizing social media to promote a cause works and some tips and strategies you can implement to get the word out about what you are passionate about.

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