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An Amazing New Way to Decrease Your Overhead

Posted on Feb 19, 2015 by Solutionreach

    ...and streamline office efficiency!

    There is a serious demand for simplicity in the credit card processing world. Today’s a great day, because we have the solution!

    Let’s back up. Does the name Singular Payments ring a bell?

    It’s the service that Solutionreach customers can already be using to process mobile and online payments. The flat-rate is the lowest processing cost available, so you are able to accept payments via the patient portal and PatientReach Mobile application to improve your collections and save on processing fees.

    So here’s what happened.

    We rolled out the mobile and online payment processing. Everyone loved it.

    But then we realized something: Our customers wanted (and needed) low, flat-rate processing for credit card payments made in the office, too.

    Since our goal is to give our customers every tool they need to improve efficiency and decrease overhead, we started investigating ways to give Solutionreach customers more affordable credit processing options for in-office payments.

    Great news! We decided to form a strategic partnership with Singular Payments to give you access to the lowest rates in on-site credit card processing!

    The three things that convinced us that Singular Payments was right for us (and you) are the same things that will blow you away. Ready?

      • Savings
        Singular Payments offers the most competitive pricing in the industry, but–as a Solutionreach customer–this benefit is amplified. All current Solutionreach customers receive an exclusive discount when they choose to use the Singular Payments flat-rate service for their in-office credit card processing. There are no sign-on fees. If you are already in a contract with another processing provider, Singular’s flat rate offering will likely lower your overall cost so much that the switch will pay for itself.
      • Transparency
        Do you like surprises? If that translates into a money-out-of-your-pocket-surprise, we’re guessing the answer is no.  Singular is the only company in the industry that offers a flat rate service. From now on, you will know exactly what to expect every month on your billing statement. Absolutely NO surprises! Your rate will always stay the same.

    • Simplicity
      With Singular Payments, you have the flexibility of being able to accept all major credit cards, including American Express, for the same low rate. It gets better. Because the mobile and portal payments you collect are already processed through Singular Payments, choosing to use the same service for your in-office processing dramatically simplifies your invoicing. Trust us; Accounts Payable will thank you! You will also appreciate your easy-to-read statements showing your monthly calculations as well as next-day auto-funding to your account.


    In other words, this partnership was a no-brainer. Here is what our Founder and CEO, Jim Higgins, has to say about the partnership:

    “We are committed to providing healthcare practices with transparent solutions for increasing efficiency and profitability. By partnering with Singular Payments, we are able to give our customers another way of meeting these goals.”

    You can take a look at our partner page for a closer look, but please call your Client Success Representative to get all the details. They can even help you calculate your potential annual savings.

    Spoiler: It could be huge.

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