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Are You Making the Most of Automated Appointment Reminders?

Posted on May 14, 2014 by Solutionreach

    5 Resources for Reducing Even MORE Missed Appointments!

    Even the most financially successful practices deal with a lot of frustration when faced with no-shows.

    Wasting time is wasting money

    After all… who wants to lose money and waste time?

    Automated appointment reminders to patients will make a big difference when it comes to decreasing missed appointments.

    However, there’s more you can do!

    Our representatives and our customers tell us that the more practices customize their messaging, the better of a response they get and the more no-shows start disappearing.

    Taking the time to meet the specific needs of your practice and of individual patients can go from decreasing no-shows to nearly eliminating them!  Each practice has unique needs, and so does each patient. Your Solutionreach messaging allows you to cater to bothAre you?

    Here is a list of some resources that will help you learn what your customization options are, and how you can start making the most of them!

      1. Customization Page
        Review some of the options you have for customizing your patient outreach on the Customization page of our website.

      1. Reminder Settings Blog Post
        Read this blog post that reviews the General and Advanced setting options for patient reminder messaging.

      1. Best Practices for Creating Effective Patient Reminders Blog Post
        Take a look at this blog post with things to consider when implementing customization for your reminder messages.

      1. Built-In Tutorial and Help Section of Solutionreach Dashboard
        Don’t forget that there is a Knowledge Base within your Solutionreach account. On the bottom left hand corner of your navigation is a link titled “Need Help?”  There, you’ll find videos and tutorials for all sorts of customization!

    1. Call your team of dedicated Client Success Representatives!
      If you don’t know how you’re doing or where to start, call your representatives. They are dedicated to you, and their goal is to help you succeed.


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