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ASAP Waitlist Messaging: A Partial Cure for the No-Show Blues

Posted on Oct 18, 2016 by Solutionreach



    The last minute cancellation is like a pebble being thrown into the calm waters of your practice. It can throw off your schedule, it can disrupt the flow of your day, and it means lost revenue as well.

    How do you fill last minute cancellations?

    Having a full schedule is a good feeling. Unfortunately, life happens and last minute openings will occur. A patient’s memory may fail them, a family emergency may arise, or an appointment may just simply need to be rescheduled.

    There’s not much you can do about a no-show, but trying to fill a last minute cancellation can be just as stressful. When a patient calls to cancel his/her appointment, you probably go straight to a cancellation or recall list and begin making phone call after phone call until you fill the open slot.

    What if there was an alternative to the wasted time and resources of having to manually dial each number?

    By eliminating the need to spend valuable time calling patients to fill cancelled appointments, you could free up time to tend to other important tasks, like new patient acquisition, improving your online reputation, reviewing valuable feedback from patient surveys, or creating e-newsletters to improve patient education.

    ASAP waitlist messaging is an easy way to contend with those unforeseen pebbles. When a patient cancels their appointment, you can instantly send a message to those patients on your waitlist with the available date and time of the appointment. Those patients can then notify you if they are interested in and available to take the appointment.

    Additional Benefits:


    In addition to ensuring you don’t have an empty chair and a loss of revenue from a cancelled appointment, there are other advantages to using ASAP Waitlist Messaging. Providing this service builds goodwill with your patients, demonstrating to them that you can be flexible and accommodating.

    Building goodwill with patients also builds loyalty to you and your practice, improving your retention numbers and letting you focus on your existing patients rather than searching for new patients. Research shows that it costs less to retain an existing patient than to seek out a new one, so building loyalty with your patients is a worthy objective.

    In Summary:

    Not every no-show can be addressed, but when a patient cancels, it’s good to know you have an option to provide another patient with a much needed and appreciated opportunity. The ASAP Waitlist Messaging option is a win-win for your practice and your patients. Your patients get the chance to be seen more quickly, your practice doesn’t lose revenue, and you build goodwill and loyalty that improves your patient retention. All the way around, this is a great way to chase off those no-show blues.

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