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      Grace Cordovano

      Grace Cordovano, PhD, BCPA, is a board-certified patient advocate specializing in the oncology space. She is the founder of Enlightening Results and co-founder of UnblockHealth. Dr. Cordovano is a healthcare navigating solutionist, patient experience enhancer, and data unblocker who is dedicated to empowering patients to live their best life where they are. Follow her on Twitter @GraceCordovano.
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      Telemedicine During COVID: How Not to Fail Out of the Gate
      The COVID-19 pandemic swung open the floodgates for telemedicine to shine. Here are essential tips from the front-lines of telemedicine and COVID-19 hotspots to prevent your implementation from ...
      Priming the Patient to Take Charge
      There’s no course or degree in being a professional patient. The harsh reality is, most people are dropped and dragged through a fragmented system, with the hope that they will “just find their way”. ...

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