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    Roy Shelburne

    Dr. Shelburne graduated from the University of Virginia (Charlottesville) with a double major in Biology and Religious Studies in 1977. He went on to graduate with honors from Virginia Commonwealth University’s Dental School and opened a private general practice in Pennington Gap, Virginia, in 1981. He has served as Secretary/Treasurer and President for Southwest Virginia’s Component 6 of the Virginia Dental Association and as a delegate to the Virginia Dental Association’s Annual Meeting. He and his family have served as short-term volunteer missionaries with the Baptist Medical Dental Missions International and on various Mission of Mercy projects in Virginia. In March 2008, he surrendered his dental license after being convicted of healthcare fraud and spent 19 months in Federal Prison. Dr. Shelburne is a nationally known speaker, writer and consultant whose passion is to prevent what happened to him from happening to anyone else. He shares candidly with his dental audiences about his mistakes, what he learned as a result, and how to avoid them.

    Recent Posts

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