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Avoid the Spam Folder

Posted on Jun 01, 2015 by Solutionreach

    5 Steps to Formatting an Ideal Marketing Email


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    A surprising 77% of consumers prefer to receive permission-based marketing communications through email, and–lucky you–you have a ready-to-use database of patients right at your fingertips. 

    Unfortunately, 84% of all email traffic this year will be considered spam, and the spam folder is where marketing emails go to die. In order to take advantage of the 77% of consumers that want to receive marketing focused emails, you have to be sure you aren’t falling into this category.

    The Thing to Know About Spam

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    Email only becomes spam when the content of the message brings no value to the recipient. In other words, always provide a benefit for the reader.

    But how do you make sure patients immediately see that your email is beneficial for them? There are quite a few strategies, like perfecting your subject line and communicating the right message to the right patients, and among them is the format of your email content. To engage readers immediately, the format can be a delicate art. Below is a starter-template for a good marketing email. (You can use it for blog posts, too!)

    The 5 Steps to an Engaging Marketing Email Format

      1. Start with a problem they care about.
        Get them emotionally invested, immediately.

        “How many hours of sleep are you missing out on every night due to chronic pain?”

        You want to trigger an emotion that will get their attention. Yeah, I do have pain that just won’t let me get any rest. And yeah, I am exhausted and sick of living this way.

      1. Validate their need for a resolution.
        Make sure they know that you get it, you’re on their side, and they have a right to their emotional response.

        “No one should have to live this way.”

        “In fact, over 93% of patients suffer from this condition every day.”

      1. Assure them that you have the solution.

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        Now that they are invested and paying attention, it’s time for you–Hero and Solver of Problems–to swoop in with the solution.

        “In the past year, we have treated 387 patients that were suffering from this condition. The results of proper diagnosis and treatment have been phenomenal.”
        “We are here to help you achieve a life without pain.”

    Doctor mimicking phone with his fingers

      1. Insert your call-to-action.
        They are emotional, engaged, and ready for you to tell them what to do.

        “Stop living with unnecessary pain. It takes less than 30 minutes to evaluate your symptoms and determine a solution that will be right for your health. Take the first step toward a pain-free future;  call or email our office to schedule an appointment!

        Alternatively, you can direct them to a blog post aimed at their condition on your practice website. This will generate traffic to your site, boosting SEO and establishing value.

    1. If you are adding an incentive, do it now.
      Not all marketing emails need an incentive, but if you’re willing to make a small sacrifice to increase action, put your offer here.

      “To celebrate *insert a holiday here*, we are offering a $20 discount for patients that schedule an appointment by responding to this email. We look forward to hearing from you!”

    There are, of course, other tricks for great email marketing. Practices that use Solutionreach have many advantages for maximizing success with their email marketing:

    • They can target a certain patient demographic with criteria-based group messaging filters.
    • They can insert special tokens for one-click appointment requests or engagement with the practice.
    • They have a library of beautifully designed templates to choose from and customize to fit their practice.
    • They can use the email to collect referrals and direct reviews.
    • They can evaluate the success of their email marketing using the built-in analytics.

    Need more? Get a whole slew of easy-to-digest tips for marketing your practice in a digital world with this free eBook written by Samantha Toth,  resident Marketing Rockstar for Innereative Media.


    About the author:

    Amy LaVange Headshot

    Amy LaVange is a professional educator for healthcare providers. She specializes in helping practices reduce inefficiencies and lower costs, so providers and their staff can spend less time worrying about their bottom line and more time caring for their patients. She currently manages communications for Solutionreach, where she consults with their clients and creates educational content to help them establish patient-centered practices by utilizing tools and techniques that allow them to streamline their productivity and improve their patient experience.

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