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Best Practices for the New Year

Posted on Jan 03, 2013 by Solutionreach


    With the New Year comes New Year’s Resolutions. What better way to ring in the New Year than with a new quality approach to patient communication and patient engagement. Not only will it boost your practice’s revenue in patient acquisition and loyalty, but you’ll increase your practice’s social and online reputation for the rest of the year.

    Look into using these 5 Best Practices as your office’s New Year’s Resolutions.

    1. Dispense post-appointment patient satisfaction surveys. By receiving, tracking and measuring your patients’ satisfaction, you’ll find new ways to improve your office and grow revenue exponentially. Plus, patient satisfaction surveys provide a great avenue for employee praise and critique.
    Solutionreach offers customizable, automated patient satisfaction surveys with measuring tools. Plus, Solutionreach patient surveys can automatically ask the patient if they’d like to publish their survey responses as an online review. So when your survey asks the patient how their experience was, and the patient responds “I always have a good experience there. The staff is so helpful and friendly.” — that response will be published to your practice’s Google Places page as a patient review.

    2. Publish video testimonials from patients on YouTube. Google’s recent acquisition of YouTube means the office with video patient testimonials/reviews will rank higher in local search results. Use SR Video in your office and ask patients if they’d like to tell your webcam how they liked their visit to your office. SR Video enables you to post that video directly to your practice’s YouTube channel. It’s quick, very easy and highly effective.

    3. Send Appointment Reminders and Birthday Messages. Patients love receiving a personalized “Happy Birthday” text or email from their healthcare provider, especially if it comes with some sort of discount offer. And appointment reminders not only help patients remember their schedule, but they can reduce no-shows by 80-100 percent when performed using the customizable, automated Solutionreach system.

    4. Reach out to your inactive patients with Recare messaging. When you haven’t seen a patient for a while, it’s usually because they’ve forgotten to visit. Send Recare or Recall messages to remind and invite them to return to fulfill their healthcare needs.
    The best way to automatically reactivate inactive patients with a personal touch is to use Solutionreach customizable, automated Recare. Solutionreach automatically reaches out to patients who haven’t visited for while, predetermined upon your settings. Solutionreach will help you re-attract those patients in who need it most.

    5. Retain Your Patients. Studies show that increasing patient retention by just 5 percent will increase profits by as much as 85 percent. Patient loyalty not only keeps the patients you have, but brings in their friends and referrals. Solutionreach provides several loyalty-building tools that will grow your revenue both in the short and the long terms. From customizable patient newsletters to social media management to preferred communication determination and so forth, Solutionreach will help you turn your happy patients into loyal fans of your practice.

    New Year’s resolutions always struggle to take off. But by installing the above best practices, you’ll see immediate results, building a desire within you to keep with
    it beyond January. Plus, your staff will love the easy automation and praise from patients! Happy New Year!

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