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Case Study: Eye Care Practice Sees $1.6M in Revenue

Posted on Jul 10, 2017 by Alyessa D'Ewart

    Note: This is one in a series of posts featuring case studies from our clients. To download the full pdf, click here. 

    addtional.jpgFounded in 1976, Virginia Eye Institute is one of the largest ophthalmology practices in Virginia.  With 27 ophtalmologists and eight optometrists, Virginia Eye Institute provides a full-range of eye care expertise in eight locations throughout Virginia.  With so many specialties and locations, the staff needed an easy way to manage their patient communication.  Virginia Eye Institute choose Solutionreach help them with this. 

     HIPAA Compliant

     As the director of marketing for Virginia Eye Institute, one of Margaret Benson’s responsibilities was to oversee the vendors the practice uses.  Managing different vendors for appointment reminders, recare tasks, and scheduling appointments took a lot of time, and Benson wanted a solution that was more efficient.  The problem Margaret came across was that many products weren’t HIPAA complaint.

    “HIPAA compliance was the number one reason we implemented Solutionreach,” states Margaret. 200 recare appoinments booked in 30 days“Everything we do has to be HIPAA compliant, and Solutionreach consolidated so many different areas into one platform, all while maintaining the required compliance.”

    With Solutionreach, Margaret was able to automate a lot of the tasks she had been paying vendors to do, like recare phone calls.  In the first 30 days, 2,000 recare appointments were booked thanks to the automation.  This number would have taken the previous vendor six to eight months to achieve.  It gets even better, with a year of automated recall messages, Virginia Eye Institute saw an additional $1.6 million in revenue for the practice.  And it doesn’t seem to be slowing down!

    More Reminders and Confirmations

    Virginia Eye Institute has seen a huge drop in no-show appointments since they started taking advantage of automated appointment reminders.  They had been using a call center to manually call each patient two days before their appointment reminding them of the time and place.  The automated reminders not only replace these phone calls, but they also track appointment confirmations.

    (Check out an infographic on reducing no-shows here.)

    Nearly 0% no-show rate“We have reduced the amount of no-shows so much the doctors are really surprised when a patient doesn’t keep an appointment,” states Margaret. “It’s nice to be able to look back at Solutionreach and see if a patient received the reminders, and if they confirmed the appointment.”

    Automatic Survey Messages

    The practice’s online reviews have dramatically increased as well.  Margaret chose settings in Solutionreach so each patient receives a survey within 24 hours after their appointment.  A lot of the patients leave positive reviews, which are then linked to Virginia Eye Institute’s Facebook page and website, so potential patients can read about how great the practice is.

    "I love Solutionreach because it can do so many things, all in one place.” 

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    “I’m getting really good information and feedback,” Margaret says. “The patients have time to type a response and the appointment is fresh in their mind, so they can easily put all of this really good information out there.”

    Solutionreach has made Margaret’s job so much easier.  The number of missed appointments is at an all-time low, and the online reviews are bringing in new patients.

    “I love Solutionreach because it can do so many things, all in one place,” Margaret says. “It can do marketing, it can do call center things, it can do optical things, Google maps, Uber, Healthgrades, it can do everything. It’s all HIPAA compliant, and that’s the most important thing. It’s the one-stop shop for everything that everybody needs in your organization."

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    Alyessa D'Ewart

    Alyessa D'Ewart

    Alyessa D’Ewart is a content writer at Solutionreach. She holds a master’s degree in professional communication from Weber State University. Alyessa has spent the last three years cultivating her technical writing skills by creating content for a variety of platforms including marketing collateral, website pages, and corporate blogs. As an avid fan of the written word, she can usually be found curled up with a good book.

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