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Connect for Success

Posted on Feb 06, 2015 by Solutionreach

    How Automated Patient Engagement Technology Can Boost HEDIS Scores


    Are you keeping score? If not, you should be. A recent white paper put out by Solutionreach, discusses how being aware of your HEDIS score has serious payoffs essential for your practice reputation, long term success and access to pay-for-performance and bonus programs.
                                    (You can download the free white paper here)

    One of the most effective steps you can take toward boosting your HEDIS score is integrating easy-to-use automated patient engagement technology into your practice. Staying connected and engaged with your patients, not only impacts patient satisfaction, but is also critical to your bottom line as a practice. 

    Here is a quick list of some things that affect your HEDIS score:

    • Effectiveness of care
    • Access/availability of care
    • Experience of care
    • Health plan stability
    • Utilization and Relative Resource Use
    • Informed Health care choices
    • Health Plan Descriptive Information

    Ultimately your HEDIS score consistently comes down to the experience and insights of your patients. For this reason, it is critical that practices make a significant effort to raise the bar on patient engagement, education, and overall patient care. In order to be most effective in reaching this goal, practices would be wise to implement automated continuing care through patient engagement technology.

    Areas you will see immediate benefits and improvement are:

    • Patient communication and education
    • Time management and office efficiency
    • Kept appointments and improved health outcomes
    • Monitoring patient satisfaction
    • Patient relationship management
    • Productivity and profitability

    While patient engagement technology may not impact every aspect of HEDIS ratings, if you fail to monitor patient satisfaction, you will miss out on the opportunity to address concerns before they lead to problems for your HEDIS score. The analytics tools available with quality patient engagement services can automatically alert you when an unhappy patient responds, giving you the ability to quickly remedy the situation and prevent negative effects for your HEDIS score.

    For more comprehensive information on why you should start keeping score and how, read Connect for Success (a white paper written by Solutionreach).

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