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Creating Criteria-Based Groups

Posted on Jan 05, 2016 by Solutionreach

    Educating and Marketing to Patients using Targeted Audiences



    When messaging your patients, either for marketing purposes or for healthcare education, it’s incredibly important to ensure your messages are delivered to the appropriate audience. Patients receiving promotions which apply to them are more likely to schedule an appointment or call to inquire about details, and receiving applicable educational information strengthens their relationship with the healthcare provider. Getting emails or text messages which don’t apply directly to them, however, has the adverse effect of causing patients to unsubscribe, leaving them missing future messages which would apply and potentially even interfering with appointment reminders and recall messages in the future.

    Fortunately, Solutionreach makes this an easy problem to address. The Groups feature of the platform allows you to quickly snap-together an audience of your patients such that only those who would value a particular communication will be sent that message. All you’ll need to do before putting that group together is lay-out the common criteria which would apply to the target audience for the text or email you’ll be sending.

    Once you understand your criteria, creating these groups only takes a minute or two. Just follow these quick steps:

      1. Go to the Groups section of the Solutionreach platform by clicking the Groups link, found under the Message Center heading on the left-hand navigation menu.

      1. Click the Manage Groups link at the top of the page to be taken to the tab where you can see the groups you’ve made previously and start the process of creating a new group.

      1. In our case, we want to focus on making a new criteria-based group, so click the blue Add button at the top-right of the section labeled Criteria Groups.

      1. Enter an easily memorable name for this audience into the Group Name field so you can find and use this group again in the future. You may also enter any additional information into the Notes field if you would like.

      1. Select the applicable criteria for your group from the Select Criterion Type drop-down menu and configure each one accordingly. Each criteria is configured slightly differently, so take the time to ensure it’s set-up correctly. You can click the View Patrons button at the bottom-right to see who’s currently part of your audience and make sure you’ve configured it all correctly.

    1. When you’re done, click the blue Create button at the bottom-right and your new group is ready to use.

    That’s it! You can now create newsletters, prepare direct surveys, or send focused text blasts to this finely targeted audience.

    If you did use more than one criterion to create your group, be aware that all criteria are always additive. As an example, per the screenshot above: If you chose patients over the age of 50 and patients who are female, you will get a group which consists of all your patients in the Solutionreach platform who are both female and over the age of 50, not patients who are either female or who are over the age of 50.

    Now that you’re an expert on creating these criteria-based groups, put them to regular use. Send monthly educational newsletters, survey patients after specific procedures to get feedback, or send targeted marketing campaigns to grow your practice’s revenue.

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