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From the Trenches: What Patients Look For in a Doctor

Posted on Jan 08, 2018 by Jesse Thayne

    Wondering how us regular folks find a doc? A big thanks to Jesse Thayne for his recap on how he picks a pediatrician for his kids. Find out how surpringly far-reaching patient satisfaction is in his post. 

    Jesse Thayne shares what he looks for in a doctorMy wife and I have two kids under the age of two, so selecting the right medical providers for them to visit is a big deal for us, as it is for most parents. Being a parent can be difficult at times, but being a parent to a sick child is very difficult. When my oldest son, Nixon, was about a year and a half old he got a really bad fever which resulted in a febrile seizure. As new parents we were terrified. We had no idea what febrile seizures were, and why our son had one.

                So after an ambulance ride to the ER, and a stressful few hours, we were referred to a specialist for our son to see. He was a neurologist based fairly close to where we lived so it should have been an easy decision to go there. Not so. We wanted to make sure we were seeing someone good. This was our son! So we decided to look him up online to see what other parents thought of him anyway. The first website we went to was Healthgrades. For those who are unfamiliar with Healthgrades, it’s a website where any patient can visit to read reviews on medical providers. Luckily he had outstanding reviews and parents spoke very highly of him. We had our consult with him and he was very helpful and understanding of what we had been through as a family, and gave us some much needed information on febrile seizures. 

    In addition to looking at online reviews, we also like to speak to people we know about doctors they have taken their children to. It’s always nice to hear from a family member or friend that you trust. A lot of our friends have kids of their own, so we relied a lot on their opinions and experiences.

    A few things we have learned so far about pediatric care, is the more our kids like the doctor, the more we like the doctor. Kids don’t like going to see doctors (heck, I don’t know anybody who does) but when your child feels more comfortable with the provider they are seeing, it makes it much easier. Parents want to have their kids be seen by providers they trust too, so that’s always very important to my wife and I.

    My son Nixon loves going to a specific pediatrician because they have a big fish tank in their waiting room. He enjoys staring into the fish tank pointing out all of the colors he can find. That office also has plenty of toys to entertain the kids while they are waiting for their appointment. Since my son has the same level of patience as his father (haha), this is definitely a huge plus. The office also has themed patient rooms. They have a dinosaur room, a super hero room, puppy room, etc. So while my son is being checked by the doctor, he’s partially distracted by how cool the room is.

    My wife and I appreciate the reminder texts that we get from the pediatrician's office. Sometimes life gets busy and hectic, so it’s nice to get a reminder about our kid’s appointments. When I began writing this blog, I didn’t realize so many factors went into selecting a provider for my kids to see, but there’s a lot that we look for before sending our kids to see a doctor. As parents we naturally want the best for our kids, thankfully we live in a time where there are many tools out there for us to use to find the right medical providers for our children.

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    Jesse Thayne

    Jesse Thayne

    Jesse splits his time between his beautiful wife and kids and his job as a Dental Marketing Manager with Solutionreach.

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