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Grant Your Wishes ASAP

Posted on Nov 20, 2014 by Solutionreach

    If you had 3 wishes for your practice, what would they be?

    You can probably think of more than 3 things you wish you could change or improve about your practice, but—in case nothing comes immediately to mind—let us make a couple guesses:

    Wish #1: Increase my revenue!

    No hesitation on this one. Everyone wants mo’ money!

    Sure, everyone would like to see an increase in revenue within their practice. But what does it take to achieve this goal? You got it: keeping your schedule full.

    Having a full schedule is a good feeling. Unfortunately, life happens and last minute openings will occur. A patient’s memory may fail them, a family emergency may arise, or an appointment may just simply need to be rescheduled. There’s not much you can do about a no-show, but trying to fill a last minute cancellation can be just as stressful.

    Stay tuned—we have a solution!

    Wish #2: Save me time (and effort!)

    How about filling those empty appointment slots, so you can stop wasting time (and losing revenue) on last minute cancellations…without having to frantically call every patient on your wait list?

    You know the drill; a patient calls to cancel the day of their appointment, maybe less than an hour before they were scheduled. What do you do now? If you’re like many practices,  you grab your wait list, pick up the phone, and begin calling patient after patient until you (hopefully) fill the empty slot before that appointment time has passed. If the appointment is 30 minutes or an hour from now, you may need a little luck to fill it in time.

    Keep reading—your wishes will soon be granted!

    Wish #3: Think hard about this one…it’s your last wish! Don’t waste it! Oh, come on! This is the easiest one of all….3 More Wishes of course!

    Now to grant your wishes!

    You may be surprised to know you already have the solution to both of the scenarios mentioned- within your Solutionreach platform. It’s called ASAP messaging!

    When you need to fill a last minute cancellation, your Solutionreach platform will retrieve your stored wait list— and within seconds—your patients can receive a message letting them know of the open slot. Then all you have to do is sit back and wait for the phone to ring! (And it’s definitely been know to ring—- and within just minutes of sending your notification. smile)

    You will be mesmerized by the immediate benefits of this feature: Improved office efficiency, increased revenue, more time, and happier patients! Looks to me like your wishes are just waiting to be granted. Start using your ASAP messaging feature right away and it’s as if we are saying:

    Wish #1: More Money? GRANTED!

      A consistently full schedule means a consistently high bottom line!

    Wish #2: Less Phone Calling? GRANTED!

      One-click wait-list messaging eliminates phone calls and lost time for last minute cancellations.

    Wish #3: More wishes? GRANTED!

      Solutionreach is like your own personal genie; you won’t believe how many wishes are waiting to be granted just by making use of all the features available to you.


    What will your next 3 wishes be?

    Your Solutionreach platform can make many of your dreams come true! All you have to do is “wake it up” and start making the most of it! Be sure and follow the Solutionreach blog to stay up-to-date on solutions you may not even know you have.

    Better yet, give your genie a call! Your dedicated Solutionreach Client Success Representatives are here to make sure you’re making the most of the magic of Solutionreach. We want you to succeed, and…isn’t that the greatest wish of all?

    For more info on this magical feature, click here.


    Your Solutionreach Genie

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