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Holiday Newsletters

Posted on Sep 30, 2014 by Solutionreach

    Can you believe it's that time again already??

    Is anybody else wondering where this year went? I swear I just put my holiday decorations up a couple months ago. (Actually that’s totally possible.) It’s that time of year again. Hustle and bustle and emptied bank accounts are on the horizon very soon. Time to gear up!

    This would be the perfect time to get your holiday newsletters ready to send out to your patients! Life has settled for a bit after the busyness of back to school, schedules have been established, bank accounts are recovering (for the short term) and so it’s a good time to reach out. Once the chaos of the holiday season sets in, scheduling their continued care appointments is going to be furthest from their minds! So what’s the best way to successfully connect with them during this busy time?

    Utilizing a patient newsletter to encourage your patients to be mindful of their health throughout the holiday season is a good way to keep your practice on the forefront of their minds so they don’t forget to come in or at least schedule those end or first of the year appointments.

    Now, I just got done saying your patients are busy, so why would they stop to read your newsletter among all the sales ads? You are more likely to successfully engage your patients during this time by incorporating something of value and significant to the holiday season that will catch their attention. For example, quick healthy tips as a guide for maintaining good health during the calorie busting holiday season, fun craft ideas to do with their kids, or good neighbor gift ideas. Sharing something more than what your practice provides or pushing promotions on them, will make them feel like they matter and are more than just a patient to you.

    Within this newsletter, you can of course still invite them to schedule their regular care or follow up appointment and include any special offers you might be running for referrals or for the holiday season, but maybe include it in the footer on the page or in a small box on one side or the other so it’s more of a gentle reminder. You may also catch their attention by reminding them that their deductibles will be reset at the start of the year, and to make sure to get that one last appointment in so they don’t lose out on their benefits.

    Keeping up on monthly patient throughout the season as well as throughout the rest of the year is a great non-pressure approach to staying connected with your patients. This may seem daunting to some of you, but there are patient engagement platforms out there that will assist you in creating those newsletters in a jiffy. With customizable templates already loaded with the most current health information your patients deserve to know, you don’t have to worry about coming up with content for them.

    Within a patient management software system, you can even have them scheduled to go out automatically each month, so it takes all the work out of it for you, but keeps your patients engaged and knowing you care, creating trust and loyalty that is essential to a thriving practice. Good luck and may the force be with you throughout the coming months! smile

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