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How to Get the Most Out of Twitter Marketing

Posted on Dec 06, 2012 by Solutionreach


    Twitter can be complicated. Nonetheless, most medical practices now know how important this relatively new medium really is. Using a Twitter account effectively means you are engaging patients and bolstering revenue. However, it also important to note that ineffective Twitter use won’t just reveal indifferent results, it can also mean adverse results for your practice. To ensure your practice revenue and patient loyalty are not at risk for anything but improvement, we’re sharing 3 basic tips for marketing your practice through Twitter … without being obnoxious.

    1. Know your audience. Twitter is a two-way street, so just as followers are paying attention to your posts, you should also pay close attention to theirs.  If the recent elections and their relations to social media have taught us anything, it is that it’s just as easy for a person to block or delete you as it is for you to post a possibly offensive comment. Now, this is not to say you would actually post anything offensive. However, if you are discussing dentures to a predominantly under 30 crowd of followers, you are most likely barking up the wrong tree. Pay attention to their interests, their tone, their location, their age; all these things are clues as to how you may more effectively engage patients.

    2. Step outside of marketing. Sure, your main purpose in joining Twitter may or may not be to boost revenue, but narrowing your tweets to mere marketing jargon is an instant turn-off. No person wants to be consistently spammed. Instead, try and mix it up. Create a weekly schedule if that helps. Decide how many posts you plan on making a day and vary their topic. For instance, a dentistry practice may resolve to make one daily post a link to a relevant or interesting dental article, another post may be a quote about smiling, another may be a flossing tip, and the last may be an invite to make an appointment. We’re not saying it is bad to market through Twitter; just don’t make it your only motive. Furthermore, when you do market, be careful not to come off aggressive.

    3. Make real connections.  Overt marketing posts do not boost your office revenue. More importantly, Twitter is about engaging, about starting a conversation. If you are only talking at your followers, you are probably not grabbing their attention. Try inciting a conversation through question, trivia, or polls. Though chit-chat with a patient may at first seem meaningless to your ultimate goal of bolstering revenue, it is actually doing much more good than you’d think! After all, gaining trust, loyalty, and respect is one of the surest ways to solidify a long-standing relationship between you and a patient, and it also increases the likelihood of them recommending your services to friends.

    Implementing these tactics effectively can take time. However, through some trial and (hopefully very little) error, you will have a keen sense of what speaks to your followers. Once you’ve figured out the figurative code to their Twitter hearts, you are sure to see better marketing results.

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