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If everybody else is texting, why aren't you?

Posted on Feb 28, 2017 by Solutionreach

    Healthcare practices can take advantage of their patients familiarity with and preference to textSmartphones. Whether it’s an iPhone or an Android, almost all of your patients own one. That’s not too hard to believe, is it? Just look at the people you encounter every day. Those you pass on the sidewalk, fellow frequenters of your morning coffee shop, drivers you share the road with, even your family members and friends. Chances are, almost all of those people own a smartphone. And there’s an even better chance that their phone is always nearby, almost like a security blanket. When it buzzes or dings with an incoming text, everyone instinctively grabs their phone to see if they are the lucky recipient. Conversations are interrupted, and TV shows are ignored to read an incoming text.

    Whether you like it or not, text messages are taking a top priority in our world, so how can you use that to your advantage? The simple solution is to incorporate texting into your practice communication. But can it really be that simple?

    The answer is of course it can—if you pick the right texting solution. One that will integrate seamlessly with your existing patient relationship management (PRM) software making the communication between your practice and your patients less of an arduous process.

    A texting solution will integrate with your existing patient relationship management software.The right texting solution will let you enable your practice’s existing landline to send and receive text messages. Your patients won’t have to look up a new number to contact you, and they won’t be receiving texts from an unknown number. Your practice will already be listed in their contacts.

    And a texting program that is integrated with your existing PRM means that you can see who is texting your practice as well. If a phone number is in your patient database, the patient name will be attached to the text message.

    The benefits of a texting solution with these features can revolutionize the way your practice communicates with patients. Adopting something ‘just because everyone else is doing it’ isn’t always the best option, but in this case it can be. Text messages are an easy way to communicate with the majority of your patients. Their phones are most likely within arm’s reach, so you can be assured that when you send a text, it will be seen. Almost all smartphone users are already texting, so play to your patients existing habits, and give them the opportunity to reach you in a way they are comfortable and familiar with.

    For more information about the benefits of a texting solution, download our ebook here.

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