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Increase Patient Communication Through Patient Relationship Management Toolbox

Posted on Oct 29, 2018 by Kevin McFadyen

    Patient relationship management tools improve communicationIt’s no secret that we live in a very fast paced world. And this certainly is the case for healthcare practices. Thousands of patients walk through the doors of practices every day looking for not only care, but a good experience. No matter what healthcare specialty you may work in, it can seem like a daunting task to try and treat so many patients while also managing good communication and building lasting relationships with them. The good news is that, with the right tools, it’s possible.

    Aside from trying to help practices deliver better care to their patients, I spend a lot of my time doing woodworking projects. I’ve done projects from kitchen tables and bed-frames, to decorative shelves and cutting boards. Each project was different and unique in their own right, but each one required different tools from my garage in order to get the job done. I look at managing patient communication the same way. In order to foster good communication and ultimately build good relationships with your patients, you need the right tools to do it effectively and the way they would like.

    Now, in this scenario, where I keep all the tools for my projects (my garage) is a lot like patient relationship management software. I can go there and have what I need to work on my projects. Similarly, good patient relationship management software should have features that help your practice  communicate efficiently and effectively with your patients. And just like every garage isn’t created equal, not all PRM software are create equal either.

    So what features should a good PRM software provide to better your patient communication? Here are justPatient relationship management require multiple tools a few I think are important:

    • Texting
    • Appointment Reminders
    • Recalls
    • Online Scheduling
    • Patient Portal
    • Surveys

    And that list is just tools for the patient communication “project” side of things. A good system will also have tools for other practice “projects” like marketing, online reputation, referrals and more.

    So whether you’re looking for a PRM software to use, or currently have one but looking for something that better fits what you’re trying to accomplish, start by looking at the features (tools) included and if they will help your practice improve your patient communication and deliver better care. And don’t only look at it from the point of view from your practice, but think about what the patient would like. Just like my customers want their projects done a certain way, your customers (patients) have ways they prefer to be communicated with and treated. Look for the tools that will help you do that.

    A Little Extra – like $100 extra

    As a company who provides PRM software for practices, we are always looking at how practices use the software, who’s actually using it, and why you choose to use it. This data helps us to improve our products and better meet the needs of practices like yours. If you wouldn’t mind taking a few minutes to take this quick survey, we’ll enter your name to win one of three $100 gift cards.

    You can take the survey here or click the button below. 

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    Thanks in advance!

    Kevin McFadyen

    Kevin McFadyen

    Experienced Digital Marketing Professional with a demonstrated history of working in the marketing and advertising industry. Vast experience in lead generation, demand gen, marketing automation, account management.

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