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Interactive Messages Prevent Patient No-Shows

Posted on Jan 31, 2017 by Solutionreach

    Interactive messages help practices reduce the number of missed appointments.Sending messages to patients reminding them of an upcoming appointment is a strategy many practices use.  These messages are usually sent through text or email, and have been shown to greatly reduce the number of missed appointments. One way to further incr
    ease the effectiveness of reminder messages is by adding an interactive feature.  Whether it’s clicking a button to confirm an appointment in an email, sending a response text, or another interactive response, this addition will improve the messages already being sent.

    Increase the Follow Through

    A benefit to interactive appointment reminders is giving the patient a sense of ownership to their appointment.  Being able to confirm an appointment or indicate they need to reschedule helps the patient feel committed to their appointment.  It is human-nature to want to follow through with a commitment that has been made, so adding an interactive confirmation opportunity to reminder messages will increase the probability that a patient will keep their scheduled appointment.

    Increase Reaction Time

    The second benefit of interactive reminders comes if a patient indicates they need to reschedule an appointment.  The practice will receive advanced notice that an appointment slot is now vacant, and have more time to fill the appointment with another patient.  If the practice has a plan in place for filling last-minute cancellations, they will be able to easily fill the appointment.  This keeps the calendar full and will decrease the amount of lost revenue from missed appointments.

    Adding an interactive feature to the reminders a practice is already sending is a quick way to increase the effectiveness of the message.  A practice will see fewer missed appointments and have more time to fill cancellations by utilizing this technique in their communication.  Learn more about interactive patient reminders here.

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