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Improving Intra-Office Communication Benefits Staff and Patients

Posted on Mar 22, 2018 by Alyessa D'Ewart

    Intra office communication is important to healthcare practicesPatient communication is a high priority in almost every healthcare practice. After all, if you’re not communicating with your patients, chances are good they’ll choose another provider. But sometimes in the effort to stay connected with patients, communication within the practice gets overlooked. There are many solutions to help with patient communication, but it’s important to find a tool to make intra-office communication easier too. An app or software where practice staff can all go to exchange information with one another can not only save your practice time, but it can also improve efficiency and reduce turnover.

    Saving time is an attractive benefit for most healthcare practices. You’re constantly busy, and any extra time is welcome. Providing office staff with a place to communicate with each other, either through group messaging in a chat room or direct messages to a specific team member, can help your team disseminate information quickly. The average practice staff spends over an hour every day trying to track down coworkers and find important information. That adds up to over 20 hours each month your staff is spending just trying to communicate with each other. With a tool that allows them to quickly message each other and share information, that time can be better used to interact with the patients in the office.

    Another benefit of a communication tool for your staff is a reduction in the number of mistakes made in your office. About 96 percent of executives feel that a lack of communication within the team leads to mistakes. Whether this is double-booking a last minute appointment, contacting patients multiple times for the same information, or letting a patient walk out the door without scheduling a follow-up visit, these mistakes can be stressful for your staff and may make your patients feel like your practice is disorganized. Having a designated resource for staff to keep each other in the loop about what is happening in all areas of the practice will help them catch these errors before they happen.

    Beyond improving the efficiency in your office, encouraging intra-office communication can also help your Share knowledge between team members staff grow. When team members are able to easily share their knowledge and expertise with others, everybody benefits. Your staff will feel valuable to the team when they are able to contribute to the success of your practice, and the ability to learn and grow professionally will lead to lower turnover. Practices with an effective communication tool to connect employees are 50 percent more likely to have a turnover level below industry standards. And lower turnover means you and your staff can focus more on improving your practice and engaging with patients than on training new team members.

    Providing your staff with the ability to collaborate with each other and increase efficiency not only benefits your practice, but empowers your employees too. To learn more about how Solutionreach can help your practice staff connect with each other, click here to get intra-office communication for your office.

    Alyessa D'Ewart

    Alyessa D'Ewart

    Alyessa D’Ewart is a content writer at Solutionreach. She holds a master’s degree in professional communication from Weber State University. Alyessa has spent the last three years cultivating her technical writing skills by creating content for a variety of platforms including marketing collateral, website pages, and corporate blogs. As an avid fan of the written word, she can usually be found curled up with a good book.

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