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Introducing Family Messaging

Posted on Jan 23, 2013 by Solutionreach


    Because we are dedicated to yours and your patients’ convenience and happiness, Solutionreach is pleased to announce our new Family Messaging feature!

    When it comes to scheduling appointments for an entire family, efficiency is key. Many times, patients will schedule multiple family appointments for one day. While ordinarily Solutionreach will send a text message, voice, or email reminder to confirm each individual patient’s appointment, we know this may not be the most efficient choice for families. 

    We developed Family Messaging to make confirmation of multiple appointments a breeze. Now, families can opt to have one appointment reminder sent to confirm the entire family’s appointments. The designated party will receive one clear, concise message that will list the time and details for each individual’s appointment. That person will then have the easy option to confirm all appointments in just one click.

    We understand how difficult it can be juggling multiple appointments for one family. Now, thanks to Family Messaging, that process can be much easier for everyone involved.

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