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Intuitive Technology Meets Door-to-Door Patient Transportation

Posted on Sep 23, 2015 by Solutionreach


    We are excited (Uber excited to be exact) to announce our newest integration into our already featured-loaded service platform.  Intuitive technology meets door-to-door patient transportation when Solutionreach and Uber Ride Reminders team up. Together they are kicking things up a notch and transforming patient accessibility to healthcare as we know it.



    Through this integration, patients are equipped with a convenient tool that provides them timely and direct access to you—their trusted healthcare provider. Solutionreach intelligence identifies when a patient is due for a visit to see you, and Uber Ride Reminders ensures your patients are more likely to keep their care appointments and arrive on time.

    Cutting-edge mobile app technology gives patients have the ability to quickly and easily be connected to local Uber drivers–making it simple for them to get wherever they need to go, from wherever they are. With Uber’s ability to precisely deliver your patient directly to your practice, they now have a reliable solution for quickly booking an affordable ride, and ensuring they arrive on time to their scheduled appointment.

    Uber quickly gained popularity by offering a simple solution for connecting riders to their communities. Through its integration with Solutionreach, that momentum will be used to improve healthcare by making it easier and more convenient for patients to connect to their providers. Solutionreach intelligence, which identifies when a patient needs to be seen by their doctor, together with Uber’s ride reminders and service unveils an innovative, first-to-market development for further ensuring the best health outcomes.

    This new integration not only provides meaningful benefits to patients, but also to healthcare providers.

    Benefits to Healthcare Providers

    • Healthcare providers can offer a simple, inexpensive, and effective tool that ensures patients are better able to keep scheduled appointments and can arrive on time, keeping busy offices on schedule.
    • This service empowers low-income, elderly, and disabled patients who may not have access to reliable transportation. Through this integration, care providers demonstrate concern for all patients and provide an option that competitors may not have available.
    • The combination of Uber reliability and Solutionreach efficiency means that patients arrive on the right day, at the right time so that offices run more efficiently, and patients receive the care they need when they need it.

    Benefits to Patients

    • Allows patients the ability to schedule their own ride without having to ask a family member, friend, or arrange other forms of public transportation, and it can be done quickly and conveniently from their cell phone or computer.
    • With guaranteed transportation at an affordable cost, patients can ensure they follow through with appointments in a timely manner, which improves the patient/provider relationship.
    • When providers go the extra step to ensure a patient’s well-being, it improves patient relations and gives patients the incentive to follow through with their healthcare. It means patients feel better about taking care of themselves and believe in their providers’ genuine concern for them.

    The Solutionreach and Uber integration not only provides patients convenient access to their communities and cities, but now they have access to better health.

    To find out more about this service and other features our platform offers to support your practice in ensuring maximum profitability and productivity, contact customer support today!

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