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“I’ve moved to the very top of the list in my area!”

Posted on Oct 15, 2015 by Solutionreach



    Dr. Joel Sollom, OD
    Focused Eye Care
    Lakeville, MN

    I’ve been with Solutionreach for 2.5 years now, and I had moved over from DemandForce as a platform for patient communication. What I’ve found in switching over from DemandForce was that the ease of transition was seamless. Also the support we got was substantially better with Solutionreach than it was with DemandForce.

    What we’ve done with Solutionreach is we’ve utilized the communication platform not only for marketing but also just for general patient communication. An example, there was a time when our phone systems went down—couldn’t get any communication in or out through the phone system. To a practice, that’s devastating! But we were able to disseminate that information through Solutionreach to our patient base to let them know that we were still open, and that they could communicate with us in other ways than through the phone system. It really saved the day! It allowed us to continue to see patients, continue to book appointments, it was great.

    When we switched over to Solutionreach, I was tracking the metrics on the number of no-shows that we had and our recall. Our no-show rate dropped by a patient a week switching over to Solutionreach. That equated to substantial savings. Considering that we see an average of $265 per patient in revenue, that adds up to tens of thousands of dollars over the year. It’s great! That’s our entire marketing budget.

    We also track that recare. Our recare system is calling back our existing patients for their annual eye exams. We increased the amount of patients returning by $50,000 the first year that we turned Solutionreach on. If we combine the savings on the no-show rate and the savings on the recall system, it more than doubled our full marketing budget at our clinic, just for this one platform. It’s been great!

    A new aspect of Solutionreach that we’re starting to use is the integration with Healthgrades. My Healthgrades profile two years ago was four reviews, and one of those reviews wasn’t very good, because the patient had to wait too long. Now that we’ve integrated with Healthgrades and Solutionreach together, I have an excellent review on my Healthgrades report, and I’ve moved to the very top of the list in my area, which is amazing! that’s good marketing for our clinic.

    The newest component of Solutionreach that we’re very excited to roll out in our clinic is called LimeLight. LimeLight is a patient appointment scheduler in real-time. We’re very excited to roll this out in our clinic. We’ve just started using it. The reminders that come up right on the screen for my staff in the front lets them know what’s changing in the schedule at any given time, and if it doesn’t work for that time they can actually decline it, and it communicates straight back to the patient. That’s amazing! That’s great!

    We can also set up the appointment types that we want using LimeLight. Maybe I don’t want all of my appointment slots filled right at the end of the day, or the first appointment slot at the beginning of the day. I can take those off, I don’t have to leave those on the LimeLight system. So I can tailor my online scheduling to the time that I want and the types of exams that I want. Which really makes it easier for me to move to a system like that, and it also makes it easier for the patients to find the times that they need.

    One of the things I’m really excited about LimeLight, is that our lives are extremely busy. And when you pick up the phone to make an appointment, you have to go through the pleasantries of greeting. So even a quick thing like making an appointment can still take a long time to run through what you need, when you can just utilize an online scheduling system at any time that’s convenient for you to find a slot that fits your schedule. That is extraordinary.

    When I was originally making a decision to move to a patient communication platform, I was really nervous. In fact, in my office, I was the person that said we shouldn’t do this, and all of my staff and the other doctor in my practice were saying, “We need this! We need a system like this that can do this.” I was very apprehensive about that. I feared that my patients wouldn’t want to get communications through email and wouldn’t want to get text messages on their phone. They would think that it was an intrusion on their privacy. When we finally did move over to a communication platform, I was amazed at the number of patients that would sit in that exam chair and tell me how thankful they were that I had this, or how amazed they were that they could just respond to an appointment request, to an order that was done, and they could just say “Yes! I’ll be there!” That is great.

    There are several companies that do patient communication, that have this ability. And I have tried a few of them in my clinic. And I find that Solutionreach is the easiest to integrate with, has the highest capture rate of patients, and is by far saving me more money and making me more money.

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