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Learn the First Step to Successful Patient Education

Posted on Feb 14, 2017 by Solutionreach

    Know what to send for a successful patient education programOne great way to stay connected to your patients is to send them helpful tips and education between visits. According to Pew Research, 72 percent of patients search the Internet for health information. The problem is that there is a lot of information out there, and some of it isn’t accurate. Your practice can make sure patients get helpful education delivered right to their inbox. They get the support they need, and they are more likely to keep coming back to your practice.

    A successful patient education program has three main elements:

    • what to communicate
    • when to deliver it
    • how to deliver it

    In this first post in our series on patient education, we’ll take a look at what to send. In our next posts, we’ll look at when and how to send it.

    Sending patients education that is tailored to them is the first step. The more relevant it is, the more likely they are read and understand it. One way to make sure this happens is to segment your patient population. This can be done in a variety of ways, depending on the content you want to provide. For example, a series of articles about asthma, and how recognize an attack and prevent it, is not going to be interesting to all of your patients. Instead, only send those articles to patients who have been diagnosed with asthma. Those patients are more likely to read the article and benefit from it.

    Other examples of segmenting patients include sending articles about women’s wellness only to your female patients, information about common dental problems for seniors to your patients over the age of 60, or the news of the availability of a new brand of contacts only to your patients who wear contacts.

    A patient relationship management system can make it easy to create and organize content, and also segment your population so you are always sending the right message, to the right patient.

    To learn more about an effective patient education program, download our white paper here.

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