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Making the Most of Text Message Marketing

Posted on Feb 08, 2016 by Solutionreach



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    Customized text messaging is one of the fast growing segments in modern marketing practices, and with new automated text messaging systems, they are easy to develop and schedule whenever you need. In order to be most effective, however, it’s a good idea to have a purpose and a goal in mind when scheduling messages. Here are five awesome examples of messages which can boost business and generate interest in your practice.

    #1 “Members Only”: If your patients have opted in to receive text message marketing services, make them feel important by sending “VIP” information regarding current health news or brief reports, or advanced notice of important events such as open houses or patient thank-you events. Everyone wants to feel they are part of something special or unique, so give them the VIP treatment!


    #2 “Patient Referrals”: Offer a special code for patients to share with their friends and family that will also earn them a discount. Text the code to patients and let them know that each person they refer will receive a discount on services, and they will earn a credit on their own account as well for each new patient they refer. This helps build business through two channels: keeping loyal patients engaged while developing new patients as well.

    #3 “Patient Follow-Up”: Before or after an appointment, you can send text reminder instructions to patients, thank them for coming in, and even ask them to complete a patient survey about their experience. This kind of simple, direct follow-up keeps patients engaged with your practice and demonstrates a genuine concern for them even after their appointment or procedure.

    #4 “Coupons”: Text subscribers in your practice can be rewarded with discounts for services. This is a great way to invite back those patients who have slipped through the cracks and have become inactive. It’s also a good way to recognize those loyal patients, to welcome new patients, or to thank patients who’ve sent referrals.

    #5 “Limited-Time Offer”: Every business has a slow time. Using a limited-time only offer is a great way to encourage patients to take action and to pick up the pace during those slower times. Giving patients a more urgent reason to schedule with your office will help build business during down time and provide extra incentive for them to follow up on care.

    Using text messaging for practice marketing, in addition to its other uses, is a quick, convenient, and inexpensive alternative for your marketing budget. If your current messaging software doesn’t allow for unlimited messages, it might be time to shop around for a better, more flexible option.

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