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Managing Negative Reviews in a Positive Way

Posted on Feb 03, 2015 by Solutionreach



    We want your office to succeed beyond your wildest aspirations!

    A key way to ensure that success is to tap into your online reviews and use them as a barometer for your office. Show your patients that you are attentive to their needs and the rave reviews will start pouring in, even from patients who previously left poor reviews!

    Here is how you can take a negative response from a patient, wipe the slate clean, and build a golden reputation all around!

    Our total approach to negative reviews consists of two strategies: Respond & Bury.

    Steps for Responding


    The most important steps of the response process are the privately taken steps.

    Breathe. It is crucial to calm down. We know, it’s tough. Negative patient experiences are just as frustrating for the practice as it was for the patient—often more so! Taking time to cool off—even if it takes a week—can prevent rash responses that may be regretted later.

    Be introspective. Take the time to really think about the situation from the patient’s eyes and understand why they were upset. Even if it was over something you have no control over, the patient was most likely unaware of that. This can be an aid in calming down, and also get the gears turning about how to approach the patient to make things right.

    Offer a gracious, unqualified apology. An apology that leaves the patient feeling scolded or accused is counterproductive. Even if the patient was completely at fault, apologize. Sincerity is key.

    Try to make it right. As part of your apology, try to make the situation right for the patient. Always endeavor to do this. Going that extra mile will impress the patient and usually results in a higher opinion of your establishment.

    Go public. Now that you have done all the groundwork, respond to that patient’s negative review online! Publicize your apology and what you did to make it right. This gives you major points for authenticity and trustworthiness. People will see you are not afraid of negative reviews, because you use them to be more responsive to your patients’ needs. And that turns the negative into a positive!

    Taking this approach has been known to prompt the patient who left the original negative review to update the review and give you a higher star rating! Of course, that may not happen every time, but your response alone will speak volumes to those who read your reviews.

    Burying a Review
    Next, bury that bad review!


    By generating more reviews! People often read six or less reviews, and rarely more than ten. They let the overall star rating of your office do the rest of the talking. So an extra positive review or two is all you really need!

    You can either just keep doing what you do best and let the review get buried over time, or you can be more proactive and ask your favorite, most loyal patients to post an extra review on the needed site. Perhaps chip in a small thank you gift for them.

    Voila! You are now armed to handle all reviews so that your practice shines!

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