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Modern Individual-Specific Health Care as Envisioned by the Solutionreach Platform

Posted on Sep 22, 2016 by Solutionreach

    Written by: Leslie L. Wood, Solutionreach Fall Scholarship Second Runner Up


    Medicine and healing have come quite a lengthy distance in the past few centuries, along with other aspects of technology. From germ theory and the origins of anesthesia in the late 1800’s, through the period of industrialization, and now into the digital age, doctors and their cohort have found various ways to integrate technology into their practices. Today, it is imperative to do so on a more personal level in order to keep up with the busier pace of daily life that has been imposed upon society due to modern advances. It is quite fitting that the manner in which patients and their health care practitioners interact should follow the patterns established by other mainstream industries. Solutionreach is a cloud-based platform which allows for clear communication, ease in access to information and appointment setting, and patient education, all of which are vital to keeping doctor patient relationships relevant to the pace of society.

    It is easy to forget to schedule a routine medical appointment amidst a busy work and family schedule, or to lose track of the pertinent information to do so. Solutionreach provides patients with reminders of set appointments and reminders to make them. Limelight eliminates the necessity of making time to call during business hours (Solutionreach 2016).

    It is a common experience for most of us to call the office and either receive a busy signal, be transferred, or placed on eternal hold, only to find that the soonest available appointment is not for months. This can be extremely frustrating, but Limelight allow patients to schedule appointments digitally at their convenience, saving them time and frustration. With this convenience, it is more likely that a patient will make and keep an appointment rather than decide that it is too complicated to bother with, and they will greatly appreciate the simplicity. This also benefits the practitioner with better patient retention (Solutionreach 2016).


    No patient wants to sit in the waiting room with a stack of paperwork on a clipboard trying to remember their family’s medical history and all of the insurance numbers and other necessary details, especially if they are feeling ill. Solutionreach’s Patient Portal and PatientReach Mobile make this far easier to do from the comfort of home or on the go, in a manner that complies with HIPAA standards (Solutionreach, 2016). It is also a more private manner in which to provide sensitive information, away from the strangers in the waiting room. If a patient chooses to provide information in the office, the PatientReach Tablet allows them to do so without having to tote around a clipboard (Solutionreach, 2016). These products make the paperwork process more convenient for both the patient and the staff, as well as being environmentally friendly. As a State Tested Nursing Assistant, I understand how much paper can be necessary for merely one patient per day if computers are inaccessible, so the positive environmental impact of using just these three products must be astounding.

    One of the pitfalls of today’s technology is faulty material on the internet. Potential patients often attempt to self-diagnose health problems via search engines. While this can be helpful and possibly avoid unnecessary doctor visits for miniscule issues, it is far more likely to lead to misdiagnosis, paranoia, or lack of needed medical attention. Solutionreach offers doctors a platform to provide easy access to reliable facts for their patients (2016). In health matters, dependable information can be vital. In addition, education on preventive measures such as vaccinations and healthy lifestyle choices can be provided in the form of a newsletter. A safe source of viable knowledge is another feature that will surely be valued by patients, rather than slogging through the vast sites on the internet, wondering if the information they gather is accurate.

    It may be a little sad that the old-timey doctor’s office in a small town where the doctor and staff know the names of all the patients and their family’s histories are a rare occurrence these days. The urbanization of society and the industrialization of health care have swallowed the intimacy that was once present in a medical practice. However, we must be grateful that technology and advanced knowledge have also erased the heroic medical practices of blood-letting and other hazardous and potentially fatal tactics utilized in previous centuries, as well as surgery without anesthesia, unnecessary pain, and infections due to the lack of antibacterial measures (Ehrenreich and English, 2005). Most would agree that the life enhancing quality of health care today is a fair trade for the closer doctor-patient relationships of the past. While some older patients may be a bit intimidated by new methods, the aging baby-boom population has largely embraced technology, and younger generations have known it all of their lives. The individual attention that Solutionreach provides for each patient is the modern parallel to that of past experience, and provides alternative measures to make each patient feel remembered and special.


    Solutionreach’s platform encompasses with ease many of the details necessary for individualized health care. Allowing patient access anytime, from virtually any place, makes it convenient for them to schedule appointments and provide information privately, saving them time in on the phone and in the office. The cloud-based platform is environmentally friendly and HIPAA compliant. Patients are offered a safe alternative to unreliable internet venues for education pertaining to their symptoms and diagnoses, as well as preventative health information. Solutionreach delivers all of these options and much more, to make available a contemporary version of individual-specific doctor-patient relationships.

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