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Multi Provider, Multi Location Feature Update

Posted on Oct 08, 2014 by Solutionreach


    As if our unique multi-provider, multi-location capability wasn’t already fantastic, we just made it better! 

    Here is a quick recap of the personalized Multi-Provider and Multi-Location features as they were before today. If you’re already using these tools (that are included with your Solutionreach service), take a look to find out if you’ve been making full use of these capabilities.

    Provider personalized
      - Providers are able to communicate how, when and what they want, to their own patient base, with the ability to send information to individual or groups of patients for more customized patient outreach.
    Location specific
      - If the providers in your practice work in multiple locations, you have the ability to specify within your patient messaging which location a patient’s appointment is at and which provider they will be seeing.
    Patient Grouping
        - Further personalize your patient reach with the ability to create customized groups within your patient base, according to age, gender, or pertinent health information, for
    patient newsletters
      , promotions, or targeted email marketing campaigns.
    Provider Scheduling
      - Advanced scheduling filters are built into our platform to allow each provider to view and manage his/her own schedule and check their patient confirmations each day.

    As we listen to our valued clients and receive feedback on how to better serve you, we continue to add to, update and improve our service offerings. As a result, we have added the following features to our already stand-alone, revolutionary, patient engagement platform:

    At Solutionreach, we know that no two practices are the same and so we continue to create the tools you need to connect with your patients in the most personal way. Enabling you to match the right patient with the right provider and customize your patient communication to reflect the feel, tone, and personality of your practice, you will be able to improve patient satisfaction and optimize office efficiency.

    To learn more about Multi-Provider and Multi-Location capabilities, please call your dedicated Client Success Representatives. We look forward to helping you get started!


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