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New Updates For Your Practice

Posted on Apr 26, 2012 by Solutionreach


    updates for your practice

    A new year can often be a fresh start for your practice. Whether you are a medical practice or a spa, this is a great time to reflect on previous years and evaluate what is working within the office and where you can still make improvements. Certainly, there is always room to boost the bottom lines.  At Solutionreach, we’ve learned there are four key ways of doing this:

    1. Acquiring new patients. 
    2. Reviving of lost or dormant patients through recare appointments.
    3. Retaining of existing patients.
    4. Implementing a social media campaign or utilizing an online representative.

    If your office is not already taking the measures to do all four of these crucial things, you can bet your competitors are.  Especially in this new digital era, maintaining an active online presence and remaining up-to-date in terms of communication is essential. 

    With the growing popularity of smart phones, patients want quick access to their appointments, as well as to everything else.  Implementing a patient engagement system will not only streamline office management, but it will also tackle office-to-patient communication by sending text message appointment reminders and important office updates.  This results in greater patient satisfaction and a decrease in missed appointments.  Furthermore, your online presence is crucial in expanding your social reach.  Through applications such as Twitter and Facebook, you can provide various updates, newsletters and offers.

    Whether you’re taking it upon yourself to be the next social media maven or you’ve decided to implement a fully comprehensive patient engagement service like Solutionreach, the main takeaway here is doing everything you can to make sure your practice remains relevant in the New Year.

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