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Now is the Time to Complete Your Practice Comeback Plan

Posted on Apr 22, 2021 by Karla Socci Somers


    It’s hard to believe that it’s already been more than a year since COVID-19 took over the world as we knew it. A few things changed for the better – technology upgrades in schools and offices, pet adoptions, no traffic – while other things left us longing for Life Before COVID – holiday gatherings, live performances, sporting events, eating in our favorite restaurants.

    But, here we are on the other side of the pandemic. We’ve turned the corner. We’ve learned from the whole experience, and hopefully, we’ve all come a long way, personally and professionally.

    Speaking of which, over the past year, 8000 healthcare professionals deployed Solutionreach’s Practice Comeback Plan to guide them as they battled to keep their practices running. 

    We think that’s awesome! We’ve loved hearing how that plan has helped your dental practices, your eye care practices, your dermatology practices, and all your healthcare practices, stay afloat, find new ways to care for your patients, and embrace patient relationship management technology. 

    But, now that we’ve turned a corner on COVID-19, what happens next? What long-term impacts has the pandemic had on the future of healthcare? Most importantly, how can you help your practice come roaring back in 2021? 

    These are loaded questions that you don’t have to answer alone. We’re offering a three-part webinar series in which we revisit the Practice Comeback Plan to understand what went right, determine how to address mistakes that happened, and learn how to charge confidently into the future.  

    Our first webinar is called, Grading Your COVID Performance

    How did your healthcare practice fare during the pandemic? How well do you think you met the needs of your patients under unprecedented conditions and safety protocols?

    Perhaps you’d be surprised to learn that more than half of patients and staff members say they are likely to switch practices if they are unhappy with a practice’s adherence to COVID safety protocols. So, what does that mean for your practice?

    Take the guesswork out of this equation at your office. Join us for a hands-on, interactive webinar in which we walk you through a quiz to help you understand how well you met the expectations of staff and patients during 2020, and how to move forward from wherever you’re at right now.

    In this first webinar in the series, you will learn:

    • Which areas you performed well in and which ones need a little improvement
    • How long you should continue with current guidelines
    • What you should do if you fell short, in order to turn the ship around

    Don’t leave your Practice Comeback Plan unfinished.

    Register for Grading Your COVID Performance webinar now. 

    Register Now

    Karla Socci Somers

    Karla Socci Somers

    Karla Socci Somers has been working as a marketing professional for the healthcare industry since 2014, and before that, she wrote content and designed logos for a variety of small businesses. Her educational and professional backgrounds include interpersonal communications, interest-based negotiation, conflict management, and graphic design. Karla has an affinity for rescuing German Shepherd Dogs who need extra help socializing with their humans.

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