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One Year After Hurricane Sandy

Posted on Oct 28, 2013 by Solutionreach

    Why Dr. Michael Masella Credits Solutionreach for Saving His Practice

    One year ago, as the Jersey Shore was hit with Hurricane Sandy, so were businesses inland of the coast - and they were hit hard.

    In the aftermath, families began the arduous task of rebuilding their lives and homes, but it didn’t eliminate the needs and concerns that we as humans experience on a daily basis outside of such tragedy.

    Dental or physician appointments are among these consistent needs, but the lack of communication capability severely hindered the ability to receive the care they need for residents recovering from the storm. The phone lines in their doctors’ or dentists’ offices were out of commission, so patients had no idea whether or not their upcoming appointments would be held, and no way of reaching the office should a sudden health care need arise.

    Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy

    Solutionreach user, Dr. Michael Masella, experienced his own share of loss. His office, however, rebounded much more quickly than those of others in his area thanks to mass patient communication tools and the remote assistance of his dedicated client success representative from Solutionreach.

    In fact, Dr. Masella credits Solutionreach for saving his practice: pretty big praise. Recently, Dr. Masella took some time to answer questions from Dentistry IQ about the storm and its affect on his practice.

    Take a look at the article on Dentistry IQ, here, and watch Dr. Masella’s video testimonial below as he talks about how Solutionreach helped his practice recover quickly and his (and other dentists’) patients receive the care they needed.


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